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  • mintCast 217 – Android on your PC

    217] Download News: Introducing the MintBox Mini (blog.linuxmint.com) Google just made it easier to run Linux on your Chromebook (pcworld.com) Jeff Hoogland returns to Bodhi (fossforce.com) Tizen Starts 2015 With […]

  • Episode 93: Podcatchers

    News: Mint 12 is released twice. (zdnet.co.uk) Clem on the topic in the comments. (blog.linuxmint.com) (What’s New) (Release Notes) What is the most popular distro? (tuxmachines.org) (omgubuntu.co.uk) The French are […]

  • Google sends cease-and-desist to Android ROM modder

    I recently read this story over at engadget mobile and couldn’t help but think this sort of thing really hurts the Android scene. I know CyanogenMod was in the wrong […]

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