mintCast 295 – Linux on Mobile



Bi-Weekly Wanderings:

  • Tony H
    • Playing with Audacity, and putting some of the tutorial that Rob did after the last recording on editing the show audio, into practice.
    • Installed and had a little play with LMDE in a VirtualBox machine.
    • Pulling a couple of very old laptops apart for the spares
    • Tinkering with Lenovo X200 tablet with Mint 19 Mate.
  • Moss
    • I installed Ubuntu Studio 18.10, got tired of how XFCE works and put MATE on it. Happy now.
    • My wife had a problem with her Ubuntu MATE 16.04 installation. Easiest way to fix it was with LM19
    • I downloaded the latest versions of OpenMandrivaLx 3.03 and Mageia 6. Mageia 6 refused to install, with a very clunky installation process.
    • Looking at OpenMandriva installation disk, the first few screens act like my laptop and tv are halves of the same monitor
    • OpenMandriva can write to my printer without a driver download and with only a few mouse clicks.
  • Leo
    • Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2. Bootloader seems like it’s locked or is just really good at ignoring me
    • Moving Plex from OpenMediaVault to its own VM. Trying out the snap.
    • Playing with my Yeti to get better audio quality.
  • Tony Watts
    • Lots of tinkering with Linux mobile OS, the Nexus 5 and LG Urbane smartwatch
    • Met somebody moderately famous playing acoustic “gig” at Mexican restaurant
  • Joe
    • Playing with Libresonic and Plex to change how i see my podcasts
    • Youtube-dl used for some that are only on youtube


The News:

Linux Innards

Dell Venue Pro 8

6 Replies to “mintCast 295 – Linux on Mobile”

  1. George

    While I hope to hear from old friends Rob and Isaac again, I’m enjoying the new energy and interaction among the larger crew.

    I’d prefer the show not take ads, which inevitably come across as endorsements. Leo Laporte used to extol ESET A/V that advertised on his network. Now he recommends against any A/V except (possibly) Microsoft’s built into Win for Win systems. Seemed all the Jupiter shows ran Digital Ocean ads, always from first person as though an endorsement, but now that Jupiter’s shows are ad free, there’s some “leaking” how expensive it can be to have a large number of “droplets . . . ”

    If you check out the travails of Solus when Ikey went MIA with all the keys to the kingdom, you’ll get some idea of the issues involved with taking money, and being sure it only goes where it should. If “Mintcast” needs a piece of gear, let listeners know, perhaps they’ll donate? If the idea is to raise money for the Mint project, just keep reminding listeners to do that. Building and distributing Mint isn’t free –

    I consider myself more advanced than noob but hardly expert. A positive aspect of the large crew is thus far one or more of you ask for further explanation when cryptic terms and acronyms fly by. The new segments you seem to have invented are neat. I’d liked to suggest “noob corner.” Mint is often the first stop for newcomers, and those newcomers may be likely to find your podcast.

    Maybe begin with that mysterious GRUB the MBR partition and how to repair when something goes wrong, then work on in.

    • Noir

      Any tips on how to slowly start learning how to improve some linux apps? Example: In Pix, press M and jump to a random picture in the folder.
      So far I only know JavaScript and I never did any coding for applications but would like to start somewhere.
      ps: The only app I really miss from windows is IrfanView and I would love to help Pix improve a bit. Btw I think the concept of Xapps is a great idea.

  2. Will

    Nice show! I’m enjoying seeing how the show evolves with the new hosts each time. One bit of constructive criticism is that the bumper music seemed a bit off. It cut off the end of what a host was saying a couple times and the audio quality was a bit poor (sounded muffled). Personally, I use LineageOS with F-Droid and no Google apps, so it was interesting to hear the mobile discussion. I hope we see some good new open source friendly options soon. Regarding Highlander’s question, the way Android drivers are produced links them strongly to the Android kernel. Since they are mostly binary blobs, this makes it difficult to run non-Android derived operating systems on them (even Plasma Mobile, Ubuntu Touch and Sailfish use Android components under the hood to work on phones made for Android).

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