• 425.5 – Infinitely Galactic, The Interview

    In our innards section we have a wonderful interview with Blaine, AKA Infinity Galactic; a YouTuber who's been making videos about Linux. Recently, he's made a couple of awesome videos about Linux Mint.


  • 423.5 – It’s Elementary Or Nothing!

    In our Innards section, we speak to Danielle Fore´ of Elementary OS about the 7.1 release,

    In "Check This Out" we share a video by "Explaining Computers" about some Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint.

    And finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions


  • 411.5 – Origins of The GUI

    In our Innards section, we talk about the origins of the desktop

    We had no feedback this episode. Please email us! We'd love to hear from you!


  • 411 – We Like It GUI

    First up in the news, Linux Kernel 6.3 Officially Released, blendOS 2 supports Android, new Vivaldi out, new Opera One Dev Release, GIMP completes GTK3 rewrite, QEMU drops 32-bit, Ryzens are burning, Proton launches a password app, Jetpack Announces the end of twitter auto-sharing, and Red Hat lays of 4% due to high profits;

    In security and privacy, Mullvad foils a search warrant, and RTM Locker targets NAS and ESXi;

    Then in our Wanderings, Joe goes 3D, Moss upgrades, Bill shuffles cards, Majid has a few lightbulb moments, and Dale has entered the Void.


  • 410 – The Rise of Dr. Majid

    First up in the news: Mint Monthly News – March 2023, Ubuntu 23.04 beta released, updates in Tumbleweed, last 16.04-based Ubuntu Touch rolled out, Linux Lite 6.4 released, COSMIC DE updates, OpenBSD 7.3 & FreeBSD 13.2 announced, big changes in Firefox 113, Mullvad announces their own browser, and Solus sets sail once again;

    In security and privacy, Kodi leaks

    Then in our Wanderings, Bill catches up, Moss has more drive, Joe is such a prints, Majid iPads in

    In our Innards section, we meet one of our new co-hosts


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