mintCast 309 – Virtualization



  • This is Leo, Joe, Josh, Tony Watts, Tony Hughes and Moss!
  • First up, in our Wanderings, I get some new gear and upgrade kernels, Tony Hughes is back home and LUGging again, Moss gets a new printer and some recording gear, Josh is jetsetting to France next week, Joe’s gaming more and heading to Texas Linux Fest on the 31st of this month, and Tony Watts is looking for a cheap server and trying RetroPie ports.
  • Then, in the news, we have lots of releases like RHEL 8, and plenty of vulnerabilities
  • In our Innards section, we talk virtualization
  • And finally, plenty of feedback and LOTS of check this out
    • [0:00] Theme
    • [1:03] Introduction
    • [2:17] Bi-Weekly Wanderings
    • [38:04] News
    • [1:01:15] Innards
    • [1:34:14] Vibrations
    • [1:40:48] Check This Out!
    • [1:50:27] Wrap Up & Thanks

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