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  • 394 – With music on our side to break the old hard drives

    First up in the news, The Kernel gets a bump, LibreOffice adds a point, Android 13 is out if you have a Pixel, and Gnome has a birthday,
    In security and privacy, Discord and your passwords are pythoned, and hard drives apparently have a taste in music
    Then in our Wanderings, Joe plays with his handheld, Bill is setting up a new server, Moss skips the assault and gets a couple batteries, and Norbert has had done some things.

  • 374.5 – “Smart” Phones

    In our Innards section, phones
    And finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions

  • 366.5 – Protect Your Bits

    In our Innards section we talk OpenVPN, Wireguard and staying safe online
    And finally, the feedback and a couple community choices

  • mintCast 364 – The Better Beta

    First up, in our Wanderings, I go ECO friendly, Josh’s DHCP fails, Joe is heavily medicated, and Tony is playing with EndeavorOS while on holiday
    Then, our news Linux Mint Beta is out! Rocky Linux is official, and Elementary OS tries Beta 2
    In security, lost data

  • mintCast 343 – Tinfoil Not Included (mp3)

    First up, in our Wanderings, I recorded some how-to’s, Moss has computers raining on him, Joe reads and repairs, Tony Watts jams and tinkers, and Bo and Tony Hughes will be back next episode.
    Then, in the news, we have news from Mint, Debian, and  MX Linux. We also say goodbye to a team member.
    In security, we take a break from the doom and gloom and just talk tinfoil.

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