• mintCast 153: openSUSE 12.3

    Listen: mintcast153.mp3 or mintcast153.ogg A Larger Universe – James Gillaspy ( News: Python Software Foundation Reaches Settlement, Ends Trademark Dispute. ( British government mandates ‘preference’ for open source. ( Ubuntu, […]

  • mintCast 152: Russ on Ubuntu

    Listen: mintcast152.mp3 or mintcast152.ogg News: [10:30] Gnome co-founder explains why he dumped Linux for Mac. ( ( Linus switches back to a Gnome 3 desktop. ( Linux founder loves his […]

  • mintCast 151: SolydXK

    Listen: mintcast151.mp3 or mintcast151.ogg News: Clem details MDM login screens built with HTML5. ( ) Canonical takes the lid off of Mir. ( ) HP to offer all-in-one Ubuntu computer […]

  • mintCast 150: Podcasting With Jack

    Listen: mintcast150.mp3 or mintcast150.ogg News: [8:15] Linux Mint Debian 201303 RC released! ( The Unofficial LMDE KDE distro breaks away, becomes a real Official Distro – SolydXK. ( The Python Foundation provides […]

  • mintCast 149: Extra! Extra!

    Listen: mintcast149.mp3 or mintcast149.ogg The Main Topic: News: Python trademark is at risk in Europe. ( ) With Samsung support, Tizen hits 2.0. ( ) Opera browser to switch to […]

  • mintCast 148: Base The Data

    Listen: mintcast148.mp3 or mintcast148.ogg News: [13:45] The Linux Foundation Secure Boot System released. ( [16:40] Linux developers working on uniting Windows 8 Secure Boot fixes. ( [22:37] Steam Can Now Be Repackaged […]

  • mintCast 147: Screen Recorders

    Listen: mintcast147.mp3 or mintcast147.ogg News: The Document Foundation makes available the final release in the LibreOffice 3.6 line. ( LibreOffice 4.0 is just around the corner. ( (4.0 Release Notes) […]

  • mintCast145: Freedom

    News: The Mint team is working on a Cinnamon Screensaver and lock screen for Mint 15. ( Latest version of Nemo gains new features. ( The SolusOS team has decided […]

  • mintCast 143: Mint 14 KDE and Xfce

    News: Linux Mint Debian Edition Update Pack 6 is now avaiable for download. ( Ouya Gaming Console Showing up in Videos Around the Web. ( Ohio LinuxFest looking for ideas. […]

  • mintCast 141: Cinnamony Goodness

    141] Download OGG Download MP3 News: Mint team makes Mint 14 KDE & XFCE RCs available for download and testing. ( and ( Interesting revelations on the future of LMDE […] Hosting

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