• mintCast 323.5 – Traveling Networker Problem

    In our Innards section, we talk travel networking and access
    And finally, our listener feedback

  • mintCast 323 – Ok, Beta

    First up, in our Wanderings, Leo Goes Upstream, Moss fights frustration by installing Sabayon again, Tony Hughes grapples with Gnome3, Joe fixes some keyboards, and Tony Watts plays on Proton
    Then, in our news, Linux Mint has a new update, System76 builds its own laptops, Kali goes undercover, the new 5.4 Kernel, and more!
    In security, we talk D-Link remote access.

  • mintCast 322.5 – Clem Before the Storm

    In our Innards section, we talk more about Linux Mint and Clem’s comments.
    And finally, our listener feedback.

  • mintCast 322 – The Linux Defender

    First up, in our Wanderings, I picked up a hard drive docking station, Tony tests the new Gnome, Moss fights overscanning, and Joe volunteers for Full Circle.
    Then, in the news, Microsoft is working overtime, Docker gets a second wind, new Debian updates, big .org changes, and more.
    In security, Microsoft brings Defender ATP to Linux, and another speculative execution vulnerability.

  • mintCast 321.5 – Wololo

    In our Innards section, we decide when it’s the right time to suggest switching to Linux.
    And finally, our community feedback.

  • mintCast 321 – Celluloid Service

    First up, in our Wanderings, Leo finally gets upgraded to kernel 5.3, Tony Hughes tries out Ubuntu 19.10, Moss fights with Ubuntu Mate 19.10, Joe picks up an HP tablet to fix, and Tony Watts has a new guitar.
    Then, our news Firefox, MX, Tails and Fedora all have new releases, and we cover the Linux Mint Monthly News. 
    In the security section, we talk two bugs, one with Ubuntu and one on Firefox.

  • mintCast 320.5 – Why So Minty?

    This is the new group’s official 1 year anniversary (apart from Josh :D)
    This week, in our Innards section, we talk about what makes Linux Mint so Minty.
    And finally, community feedback.

  • mintCast 320 – Sudos and Sudon’ts

    This is the new group’s official 1 year anniversary (apart from Josh :D)
    First up, in our Wanderings, I play with audio, Moss tries out two new System76 laptops, Josh has been oggcamping, Joe’s been headphoning, And Tony has been updating a laptop for a friend.
    Then, in our news we talk about Ubuntu, Google’s most disappointing pixel yet (the Pixel 4), Linux Mint’s gaming ability, and the releases of Freespire, Tails and Trident.
    Finally, in security, we talk sudo.

  • mintCast 319.5 – Cron

    This week, in our Innards section, we chat about the terminal and cron. And finally, community feedback!

  • mintCast 319 – New Mumble

    First up, in our Wanderings, I talk Dynamic DNS, Tony is writing articles, Moss test drives EndeavourOS, Josh visited Media City, and Joe relaxes with fiction.
    Then, our news: CentOS 8 and Mumble 1.3 are released, Ubuntu 19.10 is almost here, the GNOME Foundation and Docker navigate rough seas, and more.
    In security, we talk Exim.

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