• 437 – X-citing News!

    First up in the news: Mint Monthly News for April, Ubuntu 24.04 released, Ubuntu 24.10 Codename Revealed, systemd introduces run0, Google threatens RISC-V support for Android, RISC-V OS arrives, and BitWarden launches MFA for Android & iOS

    In security and privacy: a new ransomware threat is found, and a GitLab maximum security flaw is found

    Then in our Wanderings: Majid Endeavours to Fail, Bill Endeavours to succeed, and Joe gets skimmed

  • 436.5 – Popey’s Groupies

    In our Innards section: We interview Alan Pope

    And finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions

  • 436 – Upgrade At Your Peril

    First up in the news: AlmaLinux restores some deprecated stuff, Nouveau dev joins the bigs, Linux runs cars, Microsoft sneaks MS-DOS 4.0 into their open source portfolio, Ubuntu 24.04 is out…. And you shouldn’t upgrade your system yet

    In security and privacy: nope, nada

    Then in our Wanderings: Joe preps for zombies, Bill migrates, Majid is starstruck, Moss is car swapping, Popey is job swapping

  • 435 – Eric’s Back!

    First up in the News: Mint Monthly News, Mint is testing new CDN setup for repositories, EndeavourOS ends ARM branch due to lack of help, Proton buys Standard Notes, Dynebolic portable Linux renewed after 10 year hiatus, APT 2.9 released, 3.0 announced

    In Security and Privacy: Over 92,000 DLink NAS devices exposed via backdoor, with no patch (out of service)

    Then in our Wanderings: Bill gets his game on with a new handheld device, Joe gets his game on with every device, Majid gets to be the family IT guy, and Eric deals with technical debt

  • 434 – Open Source, Close Malware

    First up in the news: Red Hat Announces Nova Graphics Driver for NVIDIA GPUs, Blender 4.1 released, MakuluLinux brings LinDoz back this time with AI, the end of EXT2

    In security and privacy: Backdoor found in widely used Linux utility breaks encrypted SSH connections, Suspected Russian Data-Wiping 'AcidPour' Malware Targeting Linux x86 Devices

    Then in our Wanderings: Moss needs some salt for his new battery, Bill goes vrroom vrroom in a big truck, Joe is getting Steamed, Majid chillaxes, and Dale is Scaling his NAS

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