• mintCast 328 – Sigh-DPI

    First up, in our Wanderings, Leo says Kernel 5.5 is the best and worst thing ever, Moss works on Distrohopper's Digest, Joe is booking it again, and Bo is getting ready for a test.
    Then in our news, Linux Mint goes HiDPI, Proton open-sources its VPN, Kernel 5.4 makes long-term support waves, Wireguard lands in Kernel 5.6, and more.
    In security, your data is not safe. But we already knew that!

  • mintCast 327.5 – Doppelganger

    In our Innards section, we talk Linux Mint’s new Doppelganger with Joshua Peisach (@ItzSwirlz) from Ubuntu Cinnamon (@UbuntuCinnamon).
    Some listener feedback and "check this out."

  • mintCast 327 – The Mozilla Thrilla

    First up, in our Wanderings, I follow in Tony H’s footsteps and paint, Tony H upgrades a laptop and attends another LUG, Josh returns, Moss meets a mintCast listener, Joe listens to more books and learns about Cockpit, and Tony Watts edits video and works on his Studio.
    Then in our news a new Wine, GParted, Edge and Yaru theme for Ubuntu. The Pinephone ships and Firefox runs into issues.
    Finally, in security, we talk password leads and Mozilla addon bans.

  • mintCast 326.5 – Biscuits and a Thinkpad

    In our Innards section, we talk ‘Lenovo Thinkpads’
    And finally, the feedback

  • mintCast 326 – One Byte Opposition

    First up, in our Wanderings, Special Guest Alan Pope finds gold in the loft and plays 30+ year old games online, Leo wins at gifts, but fails at MicroK8s, Tony Hughes plays with Ubuntu Studio, more Matchbox cars, and donates some tech, Joe tries to repair a pebble, fixes more headphones and listens to lots of books, Tony Watts converts 8mm film to digital, plays with a dual monitor setup on his Thinkpad and reconfigures his recording setup.
    Then, in our news - Dell shows a new developer XPS 13 laptop at CES, there is a new enterprise Chromebook from Samsung and EA boots Linux gamers out of multiplayer Battlefield and more.
    In Security - It’s time to update Firefox... again. And Cablehaunt spooks your modem.

  • mintCast 325.5 – Oracles Virtually Boxed In

    In our Innards section, we make our 2020 Predictions!
    And finally, our listener feedback

  • mintCast 325 – Ring My Bell

    First up, in our Wanderings, Leo bakes a camera Pi, Tony Watts gets steamed, Joe gets an unexpected upgrade, Tony Hughes installed Lineage on a new old phone, Moss has an Xapp mishap, and Oliver treats his ears.
    Then, in our news, Linux Mint 19.3 is here, Vivaldi champions Linux, DXVK forges ahead, and more.
    In security, we talk Chrome flaws and the risks of Ring.

  • mintCast 324.5 – We Got It All Wrong!

    In our Innards section, we ask where we went wrong? We revisit last year’s predictions...
    And finally, our listener feedback.

  • mintCast 324 – Attack of the Releases

    First up, in our Wanderings, Leo suffers from new computer ills, Tony Hughes works on his cars, Moss fiddles with more distros, it’s reading and repairs for Joe, Tony Watts is rockin’ it, and Josh goes mad and gets an iPhone.
    Then, in our news, Linux Mint 19.3 is almost here, Canonical has been very busy, New elementaryOS and Firefox, and more
    In security, two Linux vulnerabilities and a takeover of PIA goes weird

  • mintCast 323.5 – Traveling Networker Problem

    In our Innards section, we talk travel networking and access
    And finally, our listener feedback
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