430 – Darn Small(er) Linux

First up in the news: Mint 21.3 “Edge” is out, Ubuntu taking heat over Pro packages, Bazzite 2.2 is out, BunsenLabs Boron is out, Parrot 6.0 is out, we say Goodbye to Ginny, RPi Compute Module 5 is in the works, Say Hello to Wilma, RH causes issues for CentOS, and DSL Linux makes a resurgence

In security and privacy: Ring will stop giving video to police, and AnyDesk responds to a major hack

Then in our Wanderings: Bill is moving gear around, Joe upgrades, Moss takes a new tablet, and Majid is drinking the Samsung Kool-Aid

  1. 00:00:00 – Intro
  2. 00:01:36 – News
  3. 00:45:45 – Security And Privacy
  4. 00:56:50 – Bi-Weekly Wanderings
  5. 01:34:03 – Housekeeping and Announcemnts
  6. 01:34:48 – Wrap Up
  7. 01:37:45 – Outro

The News

21.3 “Edge” ISO Now Available

Ubuntu Pro Packages in ‘Software Updater’ Garner Criticism

SteamOS alternative Bazzite v2.2 out now with lots of enhancements

Lightweight Distro BunsenLabs Linux Boron Is Here Based on Debian Bookworm

Ethical Hacking Distro Parrot OS 6.0 Brings Linux 6.5, Raspberry Pi 5 Support

After Three Years on Mars, NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Mission Ends

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 5 is official and expected to launch sometime in 2024

LM 22 Announced

RHEL’s Source Code Access Change Is Causing Issues For CentOS SIGs

DamnSmallLinux is Back!

Security and Privacy

Ring Announces It Will No Longer Facilitate Police Requests for Footage from Users

AnyDesk says hackers breached its production servers, reset passwords

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  • Londoner for our time syncs and various other contributions
  • Bill Houser for hosting the server which runs our website, website maintenance, and the NextCloud server on which we host our show notes and raw audio
  • The Linux Mint development team for the fine distro we love to talk about <Thanks, Clem … and co!>

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