• 403 – 2023 Predictions

    First up in the news: Linux Mint 21.1 Vera released, Goodbye SHA-1: NIST Retires 27-Year-Old Widely Used Cryptographic Algorithm, Pine Tab2 announced, More developers reportedly now use Linux than macOS

    In Security and Privacy, Serious Linux kernel security hole uncovered

    The in our wanderings: Moss is in Atlanta this week but has sent in his predictions, Joe does HPR, Bill sets up servers

    In our innards section, We go over last years predictions and our new predictions


  • mintCast 402 – Linux Mint Beta

    First up in the news: Mint 21.1 beta has been released, vivaldi adds mastodon plugin.

    In Security and Privacy, Eufy shows your videos, samsungs lost some keys, and more rootkits.

    The in our wanderings: Guy talk

    In our innards section, Bill discusses setting up podcasts.


  • mintCast 401 – Bill Hammers Nextcloud

    First up in the news: Network-crashing leap seconds to be abandoned, Asahi Linux Improves Apple Silicon Support
    In security and privacy: OpenSSL3 Patch Arrives
    In security and privacy: updates are required
    Then in our Wanderings: Bill hammers nextcloud, Joe does tinkering
    In our Innards section: we discuss more history and finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions


  • 400.5 – Leave It To The Dads

    In our Innards section, we continue our historical journey through Linux distros;


  • 400 – Elon Musk vs Trolls

    First up in the news: New Mint Stuff, Nitrux gets 6.0, Linux Steams forward, exFAT repair is now possible, LXQt gets Wayland, a pioneer passes, Mastodon blossoms, Nouveau and Nvidia updates, Clonezilla gets a new kernel, and Fedora refreshes Live Creation;
    In security and privacy: OpenSSL3 Patch Arrives
    Then in our Wanderings: Moss unMints his Studio, Joe sadly loses a Beto, and Bill doesn’t have much.


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