• mintCast 318.5 – Syncing Files

    In our Innards section, we cover backups like Rsync, Nextcloud and some underlying storage.
    And finally, community feedback!

  • mintCast 318 – Melted Plastic

    This week, in our Wanderings, Leo writes about Nextcloud, Bo spreads the Linux love, Tony Hughes can’t stop Linuxing, even on holiday, Josh considers the new iPhone 11 (wait really??) after yet another broken Pixel 3 , Joe spelunks into splunk, and Tony Watts is building a server.
    Then, in our News, we cover Ubuntu’s 32-bit library support, the top 5 snaps per distro, the PineTime, and more.
    In security, we talk locks, DoH and Lastpass

  • mintCast 317.5 – Peer into the Void

    In our Innards section, we interview Toyam Cox, maintainer for Void Linux.
    And finally, community feedback!

  • mintCast 317 – Yak Shaving

    This week, in our Wanderings, Toyam shaves a yak and gets to soldering, I blew up and recovered my Mint install, Tony’s been editing audio and LUGing, Josh has been playing with Windows Subsystem for Linux , and Joe finally gets the Note 10
    Then, in our news we cover the Linux Mint Monthly News, exFAT in the kernel, iPhone and Android exploits and the new Pinebook Pro
    In security, we talk Firefox and why you should give it another try

  • mintCast 316.5 – Dive Into Leo

    This week, in our Innards section, we roast Leo over some hot coals :-) And finally, we cover listener feedback.

  • mintCast 316 – TonyH Runs Arch!

    In our Wanderings, Leo talks snapd and spicing up the terminal, Tony Hughes dives into EndeavourOS (Arch!) and Mint, Josh has been playing around with drones, Joe gets some help with Borderlands and eyes the Note 10, and Tony Watts installs Mint and changes carriers. Then, in our news, OSDisc closes shop, Google Deserts Desserts, Red Hat issues patches, Scratch 3 is now available for the Pi, and more. In our security update, we talk Webmin flaws.

  • mintCast 315.5 – On OggCamp with Les and Dan

    In the second half, we interview Dan and Les about OggCamp and get more than we bargained for. Then, in our security update, we talk about how Chrome's Incognito mode can be detected. Finally, we share feedback and point out a few things we found interesting this fortnight.

  • mintCast 315 – Les, Dan and the Banter

    In the first half, Dan learns Jekyll and Ruby web development, Les teaches kids to code in Manchester, Leo has been testing Ubuntu 19.04 and attending a wedding, Bo is now certified, Tony Hughes has been Volunteering again and running ‘ARCH’, Moss is Distrohopping big time and is getting a new Pi 2B, Josh is publishing another issue of his magazine, and Joe buys new ‘old’ laptops for the kids and plays with Pis.
    Then, our news, we discuss new hardware, the death of the floppy drive (or not), Demise of another Linux magazine and some controversy in the OS world.
    We save the security section for the second half in the interest of time.

  • mintCast 314.5 – Moss Interview (for real)

    In the second half of mintCast Episode 314 (314.5), Join Leo, Bo, Moss, Josh & Joe as we discuss our fellow host Moss, cover some listener feedback and talk about some cool stuff we think is worth checking out.

  • mintCast 314 – Moss Interview

    In this episode Leo migrates his NAS to a much smaller case, Bo has been certifying, Moss is playing with a new laptop, Josh has also been playing around with a new laptop, and Joe guest hosts on Electric City Nerds! Then, our news the Linux Mint 19.2 BETA is out, Epic Games gives an Epic grant, Ubuntu 18.10 is end of life and the Pinebook Pro is available for preorder. In our, still kinda new, security section, we talk EvilGnome.

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