412 – Coldpause

First up, in the news, Mint News for April, Mozilla Thunderbird is adding paid features and services, Raspberry Pi OS updates, sudo and su get Rusty, Flatseal gets GTK4, new Framework laptop gets Ryzen 7040 series, Kingston firmware contains lyrics, YouTube tests blocking adblock, Star5’s Vision 2 RISC-V gets Ubuntu, and Microsoft wants Firefox to switch to Bing

In security and privacy, India bans open-source messaging apps “for security reasons”;

Then in our Wanderings, Bill tells a story, Joe gets political, I conquered wifi, and Majid goes back in time.

The News

Mint News for April

Mozilla Thunderbird Is Adding Paid Features and Services

Raspberry Pi OS updates with new kernel, chromium

Sudo and su are being rewritten in Rust for better security

Flatseal 2.0 released with GTK4, libadwaita

Framework Laptop gets Ryzen 7040 Series

Coldplay Lyrics Hidden in Kingston SSD Firmware

YouTube Is Testing Blocking AdBlockers

Star5’s Vision 2 RISC-V Gets Ubuntu

Microsoft wants Firefox to ditch Google, switch to Bing

Security and Privacy

India bans open source messaging apps for security reasons. FOSS community says good luck

Full Show Notes Can Be Found Here

Wrap Up

We would like to acknowledge some of the people who make mintCast possible:

  • Bill Houser for our audio editing
  • Archive.org for hosting our audio files
  • Hobstar for our logo, initrd for the animated Discord logo
  • Londoner for our time syncs
  • Bill Houser for hosting the server which runs our website, website maintenance, and the NextCloud server on which we host our show notes and raw audio
  • The Linux Mint development team for the fine distro we love to talk about <Thanks, Clem … and co!>

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