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  • 430.5 – Infrastructure Bill

    In our Innards section: Bill explains the current mintCast infrastructure

    In "Check This Out" we share a call for new shows by Hacker Public Radio

    And finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions.


  • 413 – Flying Wigs

    First up in the news, Arch migrates Git, Ubuntu changes PPAs, Fedora Onyx is approved, Google to remove old accounts, Debian re-imposes a moratorium, Proton goes Family, Red Hat unveils a new Desktop, Fedora plans to drop X11, Thunderbird gets a new logo

    In security and privacy, Google’s 2FA isn’t private enough

    Then in our Wanderings, Majid is off to University, Joe is manacled to his office, Moss kicks the tires on the new Bodhi, and Bill migrates


  • 387 – The Curious Case of Debian Downloads

    First up in the news: NVIDIA is transitioning, Debian talks non-free, Ubuntu has new ISOs and Docker news. In security and privacy: Intel has more microcode Then in our Wanderings: Joe lost the election, Norbert watches sci-fi and Bill sets up NextCloud.

  • 376.5 – Getting Ac-CLI-mated

    In our Innards section, we talk about our favorite command line tools
    And finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions

  • mintCast 359 – COSMIC Proportions (mp3)

    First up, in our Wanderings, I get a fresh stream, Joe sends his keystrokes over the air, Josh has a server dilemma, and Mike heads to space.
    Then, in the News, we get hypnotized, we look at Apple M1 support again, celebrate a birthday, and look to the stars.
    In Security, Skynet.

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