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  • mintCast 255 – Derivative distros and ferenOS, a Mint derivative

    255] Download News: Ubuntu 16.10 Released, Ready to Download Ubuntu 16.10: The Linux for the cloud and containers arrives Canonical releases Ubuntu 16.10 NoScript is harmful and promotes Malware!? 7 […]

  • mintCast 248 – The 5 W’s and H of Distro Beta Testing

    248] Download News: Linux Mint 18 BETA releases for MATE and Cinnamon (http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=3038) (http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=3035) Linux Mint saves the day! (http://freedompenguin.com/articles/opinion/linux-mint-saves-day/) The next fight for Linux (https://www.linuxjournal.com/content/whats-our-next-fight) Software Freedom Conservancy’s Karen […]

  • mintCast 235 – The Wily Werewolf

    235] Download News: Monthly News – October 2015 (blog.linuxmint.com) Early access to Cinnamon 2.8 (segfault.linuxmint.com) (softpedia.com) Vault Networks Celebrates 6 Years of Supporting Linux Mint (segfault.linuxmint.com) Google merging Chrome OS […]

  • mintCast 232 – Minty Bits

    232] Download News: Linux Mint 17.3 codenamed ‘Rosa’ (blog.linuxmint.com) Mint 17.3: Easier WM selection in MATE and Xfce, improved Compiz, Compton and Openbox support (segfault.linuxmint.com) Monthly News – August 2015 […]

  • mintCast 230 – Linux Mint 17.2 KDE & Xfce

    230] Download Introduction: Rob’s Xfce woes…XFCE window borders missing! (keheliya.blogspot.com) News: Putting Lipstick on a Penguin – Ken Starks (fossforce.com) More Surprises for Windows 10 Users – Christine Hall (fossforce.com) […]

  • mintCast 228 – Linux Mint 17.2

    228] Download Introduction: Why I code and don’t get paid for it (opensource.com) Raspberry Pi Jams (raspberrypi.org) News: Latest Windows 10 Build Has Some Cool Linux Features (softpedia.com) Ubuntu MATE […]

  • mintCast 223 – Ubuntu & Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Vivid Vervet

    223] Download News: Is Xfce Still a Lightweight Distribution? (datamation.com) Bodhi 3.1.0 will ditch E19, change to E17 fork Moksha desktop (bodhilinux.com) Debian 8 Jessie released (debian.org) (arstechnica.com) Win 10 […]

  • mintCast 221 – MakuluLinux and the LMDE2 RC

    221] Download News: LMDE 2 “Betsy” MATE and Cinnamon RC released! (blog.linuxmint.com) (blog.linuxmint.com) Windows 10 to make the Secure Boot alt-OS lock out a reality (arstechnica.com) Linux adopts conflict resolution […]

  • mintCast 220 – Martin Wimpress and Ubuntu MATE

    220] Download News: Clem gives an update on LMDE “Betsy”” development effort (segfault.linuxmint.com) VMware Sued over Alleged Open Source License Violation in Linux (datamation.com)(sfconservancy.org) Distribution Release: Linux From Scratch 7.7 […]

  • mintCast 219 – Bodhi Linux and Chromebooks

    219] Download News: Recent Cinnamon developments for Version 2.6 (segfault.linuxmint.com) CrunchBang: The Rest of the Story (fossforce.com) The Dangers of Boutique Linux Distros (datamation.com) 500,000 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B […]

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