mintCast 248 – The 5 W’s and H of Distro Beta Testing




BASHing Windows:

Main Topic:

  • Rob talks about everything you need to know about BETA testing

Tips & Websites:

  • Linux Mint roadmap
    • If hearing us talk about BETA testing sparked your interest or curiosity, then here’s a link to the roadmap so you can follow the progress of the development team as they move the BETA release to the stable release
  • Isaac read Prisoner’s Dilemma
    • Good book about John von Neumann, game theory and the dilemmas presented by the Atomic bomb.

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Hosts: Rob, Scott, Joe and Isaac
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3 Replies to “mintCast 248 – The 5 W’s and H of Distro Beta Testing”

  1. MikeC

    One additional reason for Microsoft to go with BSD over Linux could be that Mac OSX is a descendant of BSD, and their calculation could be that it might be a more familiar environment for a wider variety of developers.

  2. mikef90000

    The LM 18 MATE beta looks good so far. Something mentioned elsewhere, the Mint release timing allowed them to include MATE version 1.14 while Xenial 16.04 only got 1.12.
    If you are testing under Virtualbox, Mint changed something that allows the installer work with legacy BIOS versus Ubuntu that needs a workaround.

  3. Vic

    References to the demise of compuserve etc ‘walled gardens’ is not everyones experience. In some countries the typical users portal to almost everything is through one centralised app – ‘apparently’ this is the case in China, where one app/site acts as a portal to everything, with what we know as apps being add ons to this one front end. Almost all of a persons interactions for news, info, etc even banking, goes through the one service.
    So your perception of what the internet has become may depend on where you’re viewing it from.

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