• 405 – Method Not Allowed

    First up in the news, Mint 21.2 has the codename Victoria, OpenSuse updates, helloSystem says hello for the 0.8th time, new Firefox allows imports, Xfce goes Waylanding, Cosmic DE speeds up, OBS Studio fixes Linux Wayland bug, and Elementary has a new release.

    In security and privacy, we report on after log4j, Boldmove, and Malvirt.

    Then in our Wanderings, Joe calls Texas for Icing, and Moss is having New Phone Fever; Bill is in Colorado doing a rescue and will be back next episode.

    In our Innards section we discuss what you can do with old Android devices.


  • 404.5 – 2022 Distro Rundown

    This week in our Innards, We do a rundown of our favorite distros of 2022

    In "Check This Out" we talk about a graphical tool Londoner shared that makes light work of scheduling a shutdown or reboot. Moss shares his experience with the Flatpak of a favorite game of his; and we share an article postulating the death of Unix.


  • 404 – The Tenacity of Tenacity

    First up in the news, RPi adds an autofocus camera, Fairphone2 hits EOL, more Tenacity than ever, new Unity, Xubuntu Minimal arrives soon, Brave adds Bridges, Kodi 20 is released, Libvirt 9.0 is out, Google gets shot down, and new features arrive in Firefox 109

    In security and privacy, nothing to see here, move along

    Then in our Wanderings, Moss is back, Joe has fun with a Pihole, and Bill takes some OTC stuff.


  • 403 – 2023 Predictions

    First up in the news: Linux Mint 21.1 Vera released, Goodbye SHA-1: NIST Retires 27-Year-Old Widely Used Cryptographic Algorithm, Pine Tab2 announced, More developers reportedly now use Linux than macOS

    In Security and Privacy, Serious Linux kernel security hole uncovered

    The in our wanderings: Moss is in Atlanta this week but has sent in his predictions, Joe does HPR, Bill sets up servers

    In our innards section, We go over last years predictions and our new predictions


  • mintCast 402 – Linux Mint Beta

    First up in the news: Mint 21.1 beta has been released, vivaldi adds mastodon plugin.

    In Security and Privacy, Eufy shows your videos, samsungs lost some keys, and more rootkits.

    The in our wanderings: Guy talk

    In our innards section, Bill discusses setting up podcasts.


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