• Episode 48: Recompute interview

    News & personal updates 0:01:05 New release of Linux Mint Debian Edition planned for December 0:02:23 Full Circle Magazine Recompute Interview 0:03:21 Introduction 0:03:36 Salus Massage 0:04:25 Recompute Photos: Web […]

  • Episode 47: Unity and GNOME Shell

    News & personal updates 0:01:05 Charles will have article in February Linux Journal 0:01:42 Linux Journal magazine is looking for writers Author info Author’s Guide 2011 Editorial Calendar 0:02:54 Intel […]

  • Episode 46: User Interview with HarrisonK

    News & personal updates 0:01:24 SiKing is all wet 0:02:44 Charles has to re-learn everything about how to use MS Office User Interview with HarrisonK 0:04:59 Introduction 0:38:00 AnyMeal recipe […]

  • Episode 44: Ubuntu 10.10

    0:00:00 – Intro and updates SiKing is buying a house Rothgar testing XenDesktop NHL season has started News 0:09:55 Verizon Wireless bashing 0:14:22 Gloria (Mint 7) EOL – 0:18:10 […]

  • Episode 42: Peppermint OS Interview

    0:00:52 Interview with Kendall Weaver about Peppermint OS 0:43:00 Origins of Peppermint 0:54:48 Get Peppermint OS 0:55:13 Follow Peppermint OS 0:55:38 Peppermint sponsored by Web site […]

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