Episode 70: Package Management

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  • 0:23:51 Work is rapidly proceeding on Mint 11 KDE and LXDE versions


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  • 0:25:33 All you ever need to know about package management.

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  • 0:51:24 Gramp’s Garage


  • 0:55:03 Boston writes us yet again to drop a knowledge bomb of awesome!

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12 Replies to “Episode 70: Package Management”

  1. Andrew

    Another great episode 🙂

    Also appreciate the Ubuntu Studio shout-out — I’m definitely a fan: http://ur1.ca/47mhp

    With regards to podcasting I’ve found that the single biggest thing you can do to improve sound quality is to invest in some type of condenser microphone, which — unlike most headset mics — does a great job of reproducing the full tonal range of the human voice.

    This one works with Linux: http://ur1.ca/4hphj — I’m sure there are others…

  2. Brian

    Can you guys expand on a comment you made?

    You said that Ubuntu may switch from Firefox to Chrome, but probably not for 11.10 because there are a lot of other changes that would take priority, and likely not for 12.04 because that will be a long-term support release and they won’t want to include changes that aren’t tested, polished and stable.

    I’m confused. I had the idea that Chrome (or Firefox, or Opera) was third-party software. What does Canonical do with it other than include it in the release? What changes need to be tested? How would including a different browser from a different third party affect the stability or reliability?

  3. BostonPeng

    I’m sorry to see Adobe is forsaking GNU/Linux support for Air, but thanks to ChromeDeck it isn’t a big deal to me. Although I do wish TweetDeck for Chrome was more like TD on the desktop, like including support for selecting which URL shortener is used and seeing previews of links, pics and videos.

    You’re right, I am looking forward to Mint 11 KDE. I really need a fixed Chromium on my LiveUSB so I can stop having to fire up the Fox just to check my Gmail.

      • BostonPeng

        Bet? I don’t need no steenkeeng bet. I’ve been a Dodger fan since my junior high days back in Boston (mid 70’s) and I still refuse to kick my favorite baseball team to the curb, no matter how badly Frank McCourt borks the team and how much trouble the team has in getting W’s.

        You can have my Dodger cap when you can pry it off my cold, dead noggin. Although I do need to get a new one. This one look pretty bad, I must admit. 8)

  4. Ulises MAn

    Hi gays!!
    I’ve been following MintCast since a While, RhytmBox tellme since chapter 52, I’m From Chilpancingo, Gro. México.
    I’ve been ussing at home Ubuntu since 2007 or 2008, and mint since Isadora came out, about that I’ve been Writing at mi blogspot, sorry, by now only at Spanish, but since I listen to MintCast I’ve more Work to to do and get it done at mi blog. At home and at work I use LinuxMint 9 on the laptops y use.
    I like to listen you but ’cause I now just have the enlgish podcasts for English practice y re-listen it to get many of the details you mention, thank’s it’s good to listen somebody who shares some of my points of view.
    Anyway I heard this chapter you mentioned that the files downloaded by apt or apt-get get stored at /var/CASH/apt/archives of course when I reviewed it didn’t find cash folder, so I look for it and foud it at /var/cache/apt/archives, maybe it’s my listening out of practice but thank’s because I get with this a clue that i need.

    I’m trying to get updated a laptop but without Internet conexion, so now i think I got one step less to investigate.

    Have you seen any tutorial about it?

  5. Jim Harris

    I recently heard about this podcast and I never heard mention of the smart package manager. I wrote a script that runs apt-get, aptitude, and smart so that if one misses something the other picks up on. Here is what the script says …

    jim@dell-desktop:~/updater$ cat ezupdater.sh

    sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade -y ; sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade ; sudo smart update ; sudo smart upgrade -y ; sudo apt-get clean all ; sudo apt-get autoclean ; sudo aptitude autoclean ; sudo apt-get autoremove ; sudo apt-get purge ; sudo aptitude autoclean ; sudo aptitude remove ; sudo smart clean ; sudo smart remove ; echo ‘***** updates complete – please wait *****’ ; echo ; sudo apt-get check ; sudo smart check ; sudo updatedb ; echo ‘***** everything done *****’ ; echo ; sleep 10 ; exit
    # aterm -tr -trsb -title ‘EzUpdater’ -fade 85 -sh 90 -fg green -bg gray +sb

    … I created the script after being frustrated by a friend who would never do her updates in Windows so I dual booted and put her on Linux (Kubuntu) and created the above script with a penguin icon. All she has to do is click on the icon put in her password and it run and auto closes. She just has to make sure that she doesn’t close the window just minimizes it and that’s it. I also dual booted several other friends computers and did the same thing and warned that if I have to fix their computers and they have a problem with Linux I will fix it for free but if they have a problem with Windows I will charge them. So far I rarely hear from any of the Linux users.

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