• mintCast 150: Podcasting With Jack

    Listen: mintcast150.mp3 or mintcast150.ogg News: [8:15] Linux Mint Debian 201303 RC released! ( The Unofficial LMDE KDE distro breaks away, becomes a real Official Distro – SolydXK. ( The Python Foundation provides […]

  • mintCast 140: Linux Logs

    News: Nadia 14.1 ISO respins. ( Mint 14 reviews almost universally positive. (,(,(,(,( Mathew Garrett releases universal shim for Linux on UEFI. ( Has the Humble Bundle lost its way? […]

  • Episode 89: Charles on Writing

    News: Linux Foundation releases UEFI blueprint. ( ( ( New kernel branch for consumer electronics. ( ( Microsoft Bings Mozilla’s Firefox. ( Dell ships Ubuntu in China. ( Oracle V. […]

  • Episode 88: Linux Firewalls

    News: A Fresh Opera ( A Mint Font ( Open Source Software continues to make inroads in the Enterprise ( David Gewirtz link-baits for ZDNet with an article titled “Why […]

  • Episode 80: The Return of Charles

    News & Personal Updates 0:18:10 Steve Jobs resigns as Apple’s CEO 0:24:09 Chrome/Chromium gets pulse audio support in linux. 0:24:55 Power Regressions worse than Kernel 3.0 in […]

  • Episode 76: Compiling Software on Debian Based Systems

    News & Personal Updates 0:08:32 SUSE extends Linux agreement with Microsoft for four more years. 0:12:18 Oracle purchases Ksplice. 0:24:34 The Humble Indie Bundle 3 is now […]

  • Episode 67: Linux Mint 11, The Mintiest!

    News & Personal Updates 0:7:58 Linus Talks Of Linux 2.8 Or Linux 3.0; Ending Linux 2.6 0:12:09 Fedora 15 is released 0:13:37 Unity Coming to […]

  • MythTV walkthrough – Software/Backend

    In response to my own part one video on MythTV I thought I would link to the last 5 parts of the series I recorded bringing you from bare metal to a watching TV in about an hour.

  • I want to learn to write programs

    On our last show we answered a mail from one of our listeners, who asked: I want to learn to write programs in Linux. This is not the first time […]

  • MythTV 0.22 walkthrough – Part 1

    I thought I would post a my first how to video on setting up MythTV. This video is just about the hardware but I will have followups on setting up […] Hosting

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