Episode 69: Surprise Visit from Jonathan Nadeau

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  • Jonathan Nadeau from Frostbite systems dropped in so we had a quick chat.


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  • More Gramp’s Garage on the way!

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8 Replies to “Episode 69: Surprise Visit from Jonathan Nadeau”

  1. Spanky


    I don’t know how this guy has reversed engineered Skype, but if he did without using actual Skype code, its legal, What do you think Linux is, anyway? Its a reverse engineered UNIX.

    You’re take has not been verified because Skype is suing the guy — companies do this all the time to protect their IP. That doesn’t mean its right.

    • Scott


      Good point. When we originally reported this story in episode 58, we were speculating on how the reverse engineering was done and if the method employed was legal or not. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

      Linux, to the best of my understanding, was inspired by Minix, a Unix-like O/S, and is not reverse engineered Unix.

      – Scott

  2. BostonPeng

    I just snagged the podcast so I haven’t had a chance to hear it yet, but glancing at the news items I was shocked to see Google’s turning off their search pages. I’m very happy, though, to see that CrunchBang’s Ubuntu search “engine” is still up and running. Their Ubuntu search tool is my go to tool for looking for info on questions I have on Ubuntu and Mint apps. Sometimes I still have to go web-wide but often using CB’s tool has held answers for me.

    Now I just have to hope Google doesn’t realize it’s still up and kill it as well. That would make the baby Jesus cry, not to mention Tux.

  3. BostonPeng

    have you looked at using TweetDeck for Twitter? It doesn’t do Tumblr but it can handle Twitter Facebook and Four Square. The desktop app requires AIR but if you use the Chromium browser (or Chrome) you can add it as an app with no further dependencies. It’s my preferred way to keep up with both Twitter and FB (when I can get caught up, that is).

  4. yellowpike

    Great show guys! Always enjoy it but with Jonathan on board it made for a special podcast. Can only hope that the Ubuntu developers heard what was said!!!
    Suffice to say it was a “bit troubling” to hear that they simply “blew off” Jonathan when he offered his comments prior to 11.04 release. FWIW They will hear more from me on the matter.
    Have installed Peppermint2 on a few systems & thus far ALL IS GOOD. This fast & light but FULL featured distro has proven to be a favorite of several customers (and myself) and I’m pleased to say that I offer a free update/install to anyone that drops off their box to me. Dual boot or otherwise.
    Thank You Gentlemen & Rock On !!!

  5. Spanky

    For some reason, I can’t use the Reply button. Must be all the firewalls/hostfiles/adblocks I’m running.

    If you were around at the time, Linux was thought of as a reverse engineered UNIX. Yes, it has its descent from Minix, but the intent was to reverse UNIX. The GNU utilities were clearly an attempt to do so.

    • Scott


      I don’t necessarily agree with your argument regarding reverse engineering, but I understand your point. Thanks for commenting,

      – Scott

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