410 – The Rise of Dr. Majid

First up in the news: Mint Monthly News – March 2023, Ubuntu 23.04 beta released, updates in Tumbleweed, last 16.04-based Ubuntu Touch rolled out, Linux Lite 6.4 released, COSMIC DE updates, OpenBSD 7.3 & FreeBSD 13.2 announced, big changes in Firefox 113, Mullvad announces their own browser, and Solus sets sail once again;

In security and privacy, Kodi leaks

Then in our Wanderings, Bill catches up, Moss has more drive, Joe is such a prints, Majid iPads in

In our Innards section, we meet one of our new co-hosts;

The News

Mint Monthly News – March 2023

Ubuntu 23.04 beta released with new features

Gnome, Curl, LLVM update in Tumbleweed

Ubuntu Touch OTA-25, last version based on 16.04, rolled out

Linux Lite 6.4 Released

COSMIC DE first Spring updates

FreeBSD 13.2 announced

OpenBSD 7.3 announced

Firefox 113 promises big updates

Mullvad Browser is out

LXQt 1.3.0 releases

Solus Attempts To Right Its Course

Security and Privacy

Kodi confirms data breach – 400,000 user records and private messages stolen

Full Show notes can be found here


Before we leave, we want to make sure to acknowledge some of the people who make mintCast possible:

  • Bill Houser for the Audio Editing
  • Josh Lowe, and Bill Houser for all their work on the website
  • Hobstar for our logo, initrd for the animated Discord logo
  • Bill Houser  for managing the pi 400 that hosts mintcast.org
  • Archive.org for hosting our audio files
  • The Linux Mint development team for the fine distro we love to talk about.Thanks, Clem!

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