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  • 419.5 – Bill & Majid’s Bogus Journey

    In our Innards section we talk about cloud storage solutions and attempt to demystify some of the procedures for hosting your own cloud storage.

    In "Check This Out" On August 12, 1981 IBM Introduces Personal Computer


  • 415.5 – Out There Somewhere

    In our Innards section, we get all cloudy

    We also have some feedback!

    In "Check This Out" a new app to trim, crop, and mirror/flip videos on linux. Also: Diablo build for modern operating systems!


  • 414 – Salt and Battery

    First up in the news, Mint Monthly News, All-Snap Ubuntu Desktop Will Be Available Next Year, Red Hat Stops Packaging LibreOffice as RPM for RHEL & Fedora, Mozilla Thunderbird’s Next Big Update Is Now in Beta, Windows XP activation algorithm cracked - keygen now works on Linux

    In security and privacy, we meet Blacksuit

    Then in our Wanderings, Bill chases burning trucks, Moss is feeling the pressure, and Majid needs to stop spending money

    In our Innards section, we discuss laptop battery life

    And finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions


  • 413.5 – Git Some!

    In our innards, we talk all things Git

    In "Check This Out" Londoner shared a cool tool for generating secure passwords; Joe sheres a couple links for getting started with Git

    No feedback this episode. Get in touch with us!


  • 412.5 – Gracias, Amiga!

    In our Innards section we talk about Pimiga

    In Vibrations from the Ether, Joe interacts with a listener via email about some hardware subjects and other stuff


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