433 – They’re All Out To Get You!

First up in the news: Mint Monthly News – February 2024, Linux market share passes 4% for first time, SerpentOS makes progress, AMD is told hands off HDMI 2.1, Google blocks RCS on rooted devices, AMDGPU has limits, ProtonMail comes to all desktops, and NVidia bans translation layers;

In security and privacy: Avast is fined bigly for selling browser data;

Then in our Wanderings: Joe plays a lot of games, Majid does mirrors

In our Innards section: We discuss scams and trying to protect the people we care about

And finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions

The News:

Mint Monthly News – February 2024

Linux market share passes 4% for first time

Serpent OS Makes Progress On Packaging The GNOME 45 Desktop

HDMI Forum to AMD: No, you can’t make an open source HDMI 2.1 driver

Google is blocking RCS on rooted Android devices

AMDGPU Linux Driver No Longer Lets You Have Unlimited Control To Lower Your Power Limit

Proton Mail is coming to all major desktop platforms

Nvidia bans using translation layers for CUDA software

Security and Privacy

Avast fined $16.5 million for ‘privacy’ software that actually sold users’ browsing data

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