mintCast 187 – News Of The Year

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  • Canonical and Ubuntu binary package licensing – DistroWatch has a very disturbing report about Canonical possibly trying to force Linux Mint to license Ubuntu binary packages. ( (
  • Switch to open source successfully completed, city of Munich says – Munich’s switch to open-source software has been successfully completed, with the vast majority of the public administration’s users now running its own version of Linux, city officials said Thursday. (
  • Linux Voice reaches its Indiegogo funding target – (from Ian Barton on Google+)
    They reached their £90,000 target on 9th December. Looking forward to receiving my first magazine. Let’s hope that they start with Issue 0 like any proper geek magazine should. ( (
  • Valve’s SteamOS Now Available To Download; Linux Virgins Cautioned – Valve’s SteamOS is now freely available for download, but be warned that the installation procedure and general use is aimed squarely at the technically savvy for now. ( (
  • Debian-based SteamOS. Wait… what? Debian? SRSLY? – SteamOS was expected to be built on top of Ubuntu itself. Quite surprisingly instead, SteamOS is Debian-based.(
  • Everything you need to know to install SteamOS on your very own computer – Contrary to Valve’s warning, the install wasn’t complex or scary at all—though if you’ve never installed Linux before, it might take you a bit out of your comfort zone. (

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