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  • We talk to Mark Johnson about Linux, web development, gaming and the world of metal.

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4 Replies to “mintCast 246 – Special guest Mark Johnson”

  1. dshimer

    Thanks Mark for succinctly explaining exactly why I use Ubuntu and Unity. I’m glad there is choice and that everybody can have exactly what they want. I truly appreciate the work that has gone into Mint and that there are folks that love it. Ubuntu-Mate is amazing and I have installed it for relatives but for me Unity fits my work flow like a comfortable, broken in leather glove. I mostly have my hands on the keyboard and the less I have to reach for a mouse the better.

  2. dshimer

    Shouldn’t have posted before I finished….
    I think Scott said “If you just want to run Linux apps on Linux there is no functional difference…..”, YES and AMEN! When Windows 7 came out, I was tired of reinstalling Windows XP on my 70 year old boss’s computer every time it got infected with something, so I told him.

    “You are going to have to make a transition to a modern system (Win7 and Office 13) and you aren’t going to like it. Why don’t we make the transition to something safe, secure, and equally shiny (admitting you probably won’t like it either). We’ll work through the headaches together and as a bonus the operating system and all the software will be free”

    I got him a very capable 64bit, 4Gb, 320Gb desktop on Ebay for about $69. We installed stock 14.04 with LibreOffice and moved all his documents over (and even his Firefox and Thunderbird profiles). Within 2 weeks he accepted it was ok, and the highest praise I have is that to this day I haven’t heard a complaint even though he personally handles all business, financial, and contract correspondence all day ever day. Yesterday he asked how he could combine and reorder PDF pages from various files, I asked where a particular one came from and he had scanned a multi page document into a PDF and had never even asked me how to install the scanner (an old HP multi-function printer) or scan documents!

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