mintCast 230 – Linux Mint 17.2 KDE & Xfce




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mintCast 216 – Linux Mint 17.1 KDE and Xfce



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mintCast 204 – Mint 17 KDE & Xfce


  • Qiana ‘v2’ ISO respins issued by Mint team (
  • Is the KDE desktop stagnant? Jack Wallen thinks so (
  • Where is the KDE desktop going? (
  • Intuit beats a patent troll in a case that could have farther reaching consequences (
  • The latest top 500 super-computer list is out and Linux dominates (
  • Don’t forget to download your UbuntuOne files before July 31st (

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mintCast 188 – Mint 16 KDE and Xfce

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  • Petra backports available in Linux Mint 13 – The most significant improvements in Petra are being backported to Maya. Among other things, this gives Linux Mint 13 LTS users access to the following packages: MDM 1.4, Cinnamon 2.0, MATE 1.6, The latest versions of mintwelcome, mintstick, mintnanny, mintupload, mintupdate, mintinstall, mintsystem, mintmenu and mintdesktop. (
  • Cinnamon: graphics tablet support needs testing – We’ve begun re-porting graphics tablet (wacom) support back into Cinnamon. (
  • Linux Wins the Desktop in 2014 and 3 More Bold Predictions – Linux won, the penguin has achieved world domination, and the usual commentarians completely missed it even after years of predicting it. (
  • Why didn’t Linux win on the desktop? – Heady forecasts showing Linux would become a major player on the desktop. While the prognostications proved correct for server and embedded operating systems, what happened on the desktop? (
  • Valve Already Has A Dozen Steam Machine Partners – Valve has announced their first 12 partners that intend to bring Steam Machines to the marketplace this year. (
  • GNU Octave 3.8 With Its GUI Officially Announced – GNU Octave 3.8 was officially released on 31 December 2013 to close out the year. Octave 3.8 has its own graphical user-interface and uses OpenGL in conjunction with FLTK widgets. (
  • Panasonic will bring Firefox OS to your smart TV this year – Firefox OS won’t be confined to small devices for much longer. Panasonic has announced a partnership with Mozilla that will see it launch Firefox OS-powered smart TVs and other “smart screens.” (

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Episode 106: Mint 12 KDE vs Netrunner Dryland 4.1


  • Nvidia joins the Linux Foundation (ZDNet)
  • Raspberry PI News: Official O/S, Fedora PI remix available for download… (OStatic)
  • …and Production hits snag causing delay in delivery (Raspberry PI)
  • Recent Developments in Oracle vs Google (ITWorld)

The Main Topic:

  • Linux Mint 12 KDE vs Netrunner 4.1 Dryland

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