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  • 397 – Bye Bye Stadia

    First up in the news, Monthly Mintyness, Gnome gnarliness, and KDE K-ness, Ubuntu 22.10 gets fresh, Ubuntu now on AWS, Brave blocks consent, Google kills another app, GNU Toolchain moves, Matrix patches holes, new Shotcut, new Audacity, and more…
    In security and privacy, a new virus for Windows and Linux
    Then in our Wanderings, Joe is fixing bikes on his audiobookshelf, Moss has more classes, and Bill gets Nextcloud running.

  • 396.5 – Newschool Ransomware

    BleepingComputer publishes a series titled “This Week in Ransomware” each week as a news summary on this topic. In early September they covered multiple times schools being increasingly targeted by ransomware and we decided to cover it in the innards.
    And finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions

  • 396 – Ransomware Goes Wild

    First up in the news, Stallman goes manual on C, DNF5 arrives in Fedora, LibreOffice gets fumigated, GNOME comes into its Shell, they have put hair in the Blender, Avast buys your cookies, and Intel fogs the processor market;
    In security and privacy, we have multi-stage malware, website leaks, and shell attacks;
    Then in our Wanderings, Norbert is cutting corners, Moss tries a different mint, Joe keeps modding, and Bill fixes a broken Arch …again.
    In our Innards section, Ransomware goes to school;
    And finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions

  • 395 – Buttery Smooth Experience

    First up in the news, AWK gets Unicode, GIMP out, Firefox improves its memory, Nitrux released, Unity is a Flavour, Microsoft drops Linux, Makulu adds to the confusion, and Debian wrestles with firmware;
    In security and privacy, 8 Year Old Linux Kernel Vulnerability Uncovered, and Plex gets exposed;
    Then in our Wanderings, Moss reconfigures again, and Norbert contradicts himself.
    In our Innards section, Mint and Gnome have lots to show us;
    And finally, the feedback and a suggestion or two.

  • 394.5 – A Distro of a Different Kaliber

    In our Innards section, Bill falls down a rabbit hole called “pentesting.”

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