mintCast 348.5 – Shepherding Pis


1:40 Linux Innards
33:11 Vibrations from the Ether
44:54 Check This Out
54:32 Outro

In our Innards section, we continue our talk on Raspberry Pi Projects.

And finally, the feedback and a couple suggestions


Pi Stuff

  • Joe
    • After setting up Ubuntu 20.10 on the Pi I had to redo the setup for sshfs on the Pi. I also wanted to start with some fresh drives so I formatted all the drives and started the setup from scratch using the 4 repurposed 2.5 inch drives I had ready to go.  
    • I also set up the Pi to be a repetier host for my 3D printer to test out how well it worked.  
      • It installed and it opened but when I attempted to connect to the printer it would freeze
      • I suppose I could have written the repetier image and run it that way but I am short on SD cards and I didnt want to overwrite the ubuntu 20.10 image
    • The sshfs setup is not difficult.  I set the Pi to automatically connect at startup to my server over sshfs using compression
      • This does require to setup passwordless ssh using keys which is something that I tend to do anyway because of how much I use different machines at home
      • This was set up using cron @reboot because I was unable to get rc.local and if-up working
    • I also setup my server and my laptop to auto reconnect on internet connection back to the pi so that I always have what appears to be local access to the drives so long as I have an internet connection using if-up and if-down
    • This was a simple setup so I also made the pi my gateway for ssh and X2go to the rest of my machines from an external IP.  Fail to ban was easy to get going 
    • Then after all that, the fan started going out on my pi case so the noise was unbearable.  I need a new case.
  • Leo
    • Video Surveillance on the Pi Zero W
    • Nextcloud on the Pi 4
  • Josh 
    • Pi 3 B+ Video Surveillance kinda, using motioneyeOS.
    • Pi 3 B+ Now being used as my pi hole addblocker.
    • Asus Tinkerboard and Lakka retro gaming. Works for most late 90s consoles and earlier.  
    • Batocera


  • Jim Daldry
  • John Wallis (Saga’s really on hold now)


  • Leo
    • Gogh: A bash script to colorize your terminal. 


  • Our next episode will be Sunday, November 29, 2020, at 2 pm Central Time, check for your local time!


Before we leave, we want to make sure to acknowledge some of the people who make mintCast possible …

  • Josh Lowe for all his work on the website
  • Bytemark Hosting for hosting and our Mumble server
  • for hosting our audio files
  • HPR for our Mumble backup
  • Hobstar for our logo
  • Londoner for our time zone link
  • Owen Peery for our audio editing
  • for hosting our audio files
  • The Linux Mint development team for the fine distro we love to talk about <Thanks, Clem!>

2 Replies to “mintCast 348.5 – Shepherding Pis”

  1. Wayne

    Hi folks,

    Thank you for making this show, its really nice to listen to Linux shows that havent gone down the sponsorship model. Ive had to unsubscribe from all shows that have started to do this because if I hear another DO or Linode Ad I could be commited to an institution.

    Keep up the good work and look forward to listening to more of your episodes,

    Best wishes,


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