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  • 430.5 – Infrastructure Bill

    In our Innards section: Bill explains the current mintCast infrastructure

    In "Check This Out" we share a call for new shows by Hacker Public Radio

    And finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions.


  • 419.5 – Bill & Majid’s Bogus Journey

    In our Innards section we talk about cloud storage solutions and attempt to demystify some of the procedures for hosting your own cloud storage.

    In "Check This Out" On August 12, 1981 IBM Introduces Personal Computer


  • mintCast 401 – Bill Hammers Nextcloud

    First up in the news: Network-crashing leap seconds to be abandoned, Asahi Linux Improves Apple Silicon Support
    In security and privacy: OpenSSL3 Patch Arrives
    In security and privacy: updates are required
    Then in our Wanderings: Bill hammers nextcloud, Joe does tinkering
    In our Innards section: we discuss more history and finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions


  • 394 – With music on our side to break the old hard drives

    First up in the news, The Kernel gets a bump, LibreOffice adds a point, Android 13 is out if you have a Pixel, and Gnome has a birthday,
    In security and privacy, Discord and your passwords are pythoned, and hard drives apparently have a taste in music
    Then in our Wanderings, Joe plays with his handheld, Bill is setting up a new server, Moss skips the assault and gets a couple batteries, and Norbert has had done some things.

  • 387 – The Curious Case of Debian Downloads

    First up in the news: NVIDIA is transitioning, Debian talks non-free, Ubuntu has new ISOs and Docker news. In security and privacy: Intel has more microcode Then in our Wanderings: Joe lost the election, Norbert watches sci-fi and Bill sets up NextCloud.

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