mintCast 294 – Linux Gaming is Alive Again!


Bi-weekly Wanderings:

  • Isaac
    • Worked on getting several Linux Mint tickets issues closed
    • Had a PR accepted for Linux Mint
    • Been playing with Visual Studio Code and Vue.js
    • Dumped Ting and started back with T-mobile
  • Rob
    • Getting DDO running under Steam on Linux
    • Got ncdu installed based on a listener’s suggestion…thanks!
    • Updated the Podcasting box from LMDE 2 to LMDE 3
  • Joe
    • Proton playing the Batman Arkham games
    • Paprefs setup and issues
    • Why would i want to
    • Linux Mint VM on Windows tablet
  • Tony W
    • Mint 19 recording/podcast machine build
    • KDE Neon in place update went smoothly
    • Flashed Lineage OS on a couple of devices, saw performance improvement on both over stock
  • Leo
    • Lutris and DXVK setup on Mint
    • Fiddling with LMDE and sore spots with Audacity
    • New audio hardware (boom arm, shock mount)
  • Moss
    • Fiddling with my partitions, grub repair
    • VPN issues
    • Rant on monthly costs, and why Mullvad
    • Temporary issues with Mullvad LOL


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