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Main Topic: Ubuntu MATE with Martin Wimpress


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11 Replies to “mintCast 220 – Martin Wimpress and Ubuntu MATE”

  1. iCarter

    Big thank you to Martin for what he is doing with Ubuntu MATE. If you haven’t tried out the distro, then please do. Between Ubuntu MATE and Mint, I’m a very happy Linux user. Big shout out to Rob, Joe, and Scott for another great podcast.

    • richardquirk

      Too long? Just skip the bits you don’t like. The rest of us – or maybe it’s just me – like having a nice long podcast to listen to on our epic commutes 🙂

  2. 3dbloke

    I feel so bad, now. Rob, I hope you’re not too traumatised by all the meanness in the comments last time. Get off my lawn!

    Martin… no complaints there. Very interesting and informative. I particularly liked the back-story about your motivations (love) for creating Ubuntu Mate.

  3. anthonyvenable110

    I am listening to the podcast right now with roughly 40 minutes to go. So far I am happy to now know the backstory of Ubuntu Mate and I wish Martin the best with this distro. I liked that he brought up how his family wasn’t feeling Unity either so much that they stuck with Ubuntu 10.04 all these years. I personally loved Ubuntu 10.10 and was relatively new to Linux at that time and really enjoyed using Gnome 2 so I was upset at the sudden shift to Unity. I was so bothered by it that I made several posts on my blog talking about it. One of them being

    This was actually why I chose to come to Linux Mint in the first place and I am so glad that there is more support of Mate’ with Ubuntu Mate’.

  4. Will

    Great show, guys! Sorry that I usually post a comment without saying that. I think Linux naturally attracts tinkerers and perfectionists due to its customizability, so I guess it’s not surprising that you get a lot of comments from people taking issue with one small gaffe here or there. For this week’s show, I’m trying very hard to say anything nitpicky.

    I was thinking more about the boutique distro idea and was wondering — I don’t know much about the development of Linux Mint other than what you guys say on the show and you seem to talk about Clem a lot; do you think Linux Mint would survive is Clem decided to leave Mint? If not, that would make Mint a boutique distro, right?

    • 3dbloke

      Hi Will. I’m not sure you’ll get a reply from the guys now that show 221 has been recorded (out later this week).
      The point you raise is something I’ve wondered about, too. Anything in life that depends on one or two key individuals is a potential point of failure. How secure are all us Mint users, really? If Clem decides to pack it in, is there a team around him that can carry on the good work? Or would we all end up switching to other distros, e.g. Ubuntu Mate?

    • icarter1391

      I believe that Mint would survive without Clem. Granted Mint might not be as good if Clem were to leave, but I feel there are enough individuals that care about Mint to carry on the torch.

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