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The Main Topic: Ubuntu – Where’s It Going?

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3 Replies to “mintCast 152: Russ on Ubuntu”

  1. Sid32

    Guys whats with the Ubuntu hate? Trench coats guys getting you hooked? Yeah! Then they make you use Unity, or you can just install KDE, gnome 3, xfce, cinn, mate, etc, easily. ps. There is an easy to use off switch for their amazon ads lens. Not like they are forcing anyone user to do anything.

    Then you complained about them creating MIR. X is great, but 20 years old. It needs a major update. The Ubuntu guys tested Wayland, it doesn’t do what they want so they make their own. Isn’t that what you are suppose to do?

    You also previously complained that you can’t go into stores and get a linux pc from the shelves. So Ubuntu is moving to get linux phones(the fastest growing computer sector) on the shelves and thats bad, cause its not the right linux?

    There was also complaints that they don’t give back to the community. I hate to argue, but they are giving back about a million linux users that wouldn’t be here if linux was as clunky and hard to get running as it use to be.

    Your bashing came across as just like the fans of a bands first small album, turning on the band when the 2nd bigger album comes out. There are a lot of exciting things happing in Ubuntu land right now and it would be nice if you guys step back and looked at the big picture.

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