• 391.5 – The Subscription Service Rabbit Hole

    In our Innards section, we discuss the subscription services we're using.

  • 391- Putting our Money where our mouths are

    First up in the news, Mint is coming, Lennart Poettering has left the building, Vim speaks a new language, WebApps come to GNOME 43, Fedora lets Flatpak out of jail and wants to talk, GTK5 is dropping the X, Linux gets Siri, er, Cortana, er, Carola.
    In security and privacy, CISA sounds the alarm, and Firefox strips
    Then in our Wanderings, Bill repaves his Omen, Moss goes back to school, Joe is still in 3D and Norbert is typing still
    In our Innards section We talk subscription Services
    And finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions

  • 390 – This is the Way(land)

    First up in the news, Gnome wins Microsoft money, Firefox translates offline, Rocky overtakes the Red Hat pack, apps on KDE look more klear, Debian gets the Gecko treatment, Zoom gets Wayland screen sharing, Photoshop is kind-of–but not-really coming to Linux, and Nvidia contributes.
    In security and privacy, Hertzbleed is coming for your CPU, and the EU is going after deepfakes.
    Then in our Wanderings, Moss goes Custom, Norbert emerges, and Joe is Florida Man In our Innards section we discuss the various licenses in the world of open source software
    And finally, the feedback and a couple of suggestions

  • 389.5 – The Martial Arts of Podcasting

    In our Innards section, we interview Steve Seguin, creator of VDO.Ninja

  • 389 – The Out of Memory Daemon is Out of Control

    First up in the news, There are new Regolith and Cinnamon desktops, KDE has new gear, Telegram Premium to launch, Plex has new Linux apps, Atom editor gets nuked, noUbuntu works to tame a daemon, System76 goes to Europe, and Europe is all about the C;
    In security, Symbiote malware discovered, and Apple M1 chips are found to be flawed;
    Then in our Wanderings, Joe is fighting trees, Bill is editing shows from the cab of a truck, Moss is spending Jeff Bezos’ money, Norbert is in a galaxy far far away, and we get to meet our guest, Steve Seguin.

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