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  • mintCast 175 – PiBang Linux

    175] Download News: The MintBox 2 is available! (blog.linuxmint.com) (fit-pc.com) (linuxgizmos.com) Linux Mint August Update — LMDE’s Update Pack 7 landed in ‘incoming’. The team noted a couple of important issues and […]

  • mintCast 170 – OpenStreetMap

    170] Download News: Whisker menu update brings support for keyboard shortcuts, more (webupd8.org) Microsoft Office comes to Android; Linus declares victory (hothardware.com) Intel releases their first open source computer (pcworld.com) […]

  • mintCast 168 – Mint 15 Xfce and KDE

    168] Download News: Razor and LXDE-Qt have decided to merge (groups.google.com) Wine 1.6 released (webupd8.org) (winehq.org) Ubuntu forums get hacked (zdnet.com) The H is closing down (h-online.com) http://archive.org/download/mintcast168/mintcast168.oggPodcast: Play in […]

  • mintCast 163: Linux Mint 15 Mate

    Listen: [MP3] or [OGG] News: Cinnamon 2.0 in Linux Mint 16, no GNOME back-end. (linuxuser.co.uk) Why we need an anti-virus software in Linux. (worldofgnome.org) The Wayland Situation: Facts About X […]

  • mintCast 162: Linux Mint 15 & Texas Linux Fest

    Listen: [MP3] or [OGG] News: Mint 15: Today’s best Linux desktop (Review) SJVN gives it the full thumbs-up. (zdnet.com) How Mighty Mint became one of the most popular Linux distros […]

  • mintCast 153: openSUSE 12.3

    Listen: mintcast153.mp3 or mintcast153.ogg A Larger Universe – James Gillaspy (amazon.com) News: Python Software Foundation Reaches Settlement, Ends Trademark Dispute. (pyfound.blogspot.com) British government mandates ‘preference’ for open source. (computerweekly.com) Ubuntu, […]

  • mintCast 146: Fedora 18 The Spherical Cow

    News: [11:25] Linux Mint 15 will be named “Olivia” and should be available at the end of May 2013. (blog.linuxmint.com) [13:25] Steam and Gaming on Linux Mint. (blog.linuxmint.com) Valve ports […]

  • mintCast 142: World of Linux III

    News: The latest Nemo from GIT has already got some interesting new features (webupd8.org) Five things Desktop Linux has to do to beat Windows 8. (zdnet.com) Limerick Ireland goes in […]

  • mintCast 141: Cinnamony Goodness

    141] Download OGG Download MP3 News: Mint team makes Mint 14 KDE & XFCE RCs available for download and testing. (blog.linuxmint.com) and (blog.linuxmint.com) Interesting revelations on the future of LMDE […]

  • mintCast 139: Mint 14 “Nadia” Is Here!

    Intro Notes: Unofficial Steam install for Linux. (linuxgamecast.com) Kill Decision – Daniel Suarez. (goodreads.com) (youtube.com) News: Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” released! (linuxmint.com) (zdnet.com) Nadia backports available in Linux Mint 13. […]

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