MythTV walkthrough – Software/Backend

In response to my own part one video on MythTV I thought I would link to the last 5 parts of the series I recorded bringing you from bare metal to a watching TV in about an hour.

And here is the setups specifically for configuring the MythTV backend.

The widescreen videos don’t really line up right now with our WordPress theme but I think giving good quality is worth it. Click on the videos to be redirected to my youtube channel and you can watch the HD versions there.

Episode 32: Scale8x

Talks I attended
Open Source Social Networking Tools in Education
UbuCon Lightning Talks
Using Linux to deploy Windows
Linux VM technology compared – OpenVZ, KVM, Xen, VServer
Learning Python for non-programmers
The latest in Moblin – now known as MeeGo
Network troubleshooting with Kyle Rankin
Open Source automated deployment
BoF: cloud computing – Amazon EC2, Gogrid,

Booths I found interesting
Plug Computers
Komputers 4 R Kids
Ubuntu Kernel team

Website of the week:

User Feedback:
How to download all the old episodes?

How to stop firefox from streaming mp3’s
Right click -> “Save link as”

How to drag/resize a window without going to the edge of the screen
Alt+left click = drag
alt+right click = window menu
alt+middle click (button3) = resize window
you can change this under the compiz settings manager (general and resize window plugins)