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  • 441 – Mint’s Back and Rocking

    First up in the news: Mint 22 Beta Released, Mint Monthly News – June, Firefox has a Weather tab, Seattle computer collection is being auctioned, Proton adds Docs to Proton Drive, Linux runs on Google Drive

    In security and privacy: KDE Plasma Flaw Opens Door to Unauthorized System Access

    Then in our Wanderings: Majid has overdosed on Schadenfreude, Bill screams at OnlyOffice, Joe has fun with his 3D printer, Moss makes a mess of things

  • 440 – Schrödinger’s mintCast

    First up in the news: Mint 22 Beta in testing, Cinnamon 6.2 Desktop Environment Released, Linux's New DRM Panic "Blue Screen of Death" In Action, Ubuntu is Finally Adding DEB Installer Support to App Center, AlmaLinux comes to the RPi 5, Proton goes non-profit, and light-based chips are coming

    In security and privacy: nada

    Then in our Wanderings: Bill plays Pacman, Joe fixes more things, Moss sells cars, Majid is Synologised, and I am in search of a new mesh WiFi setup.

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