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  • 426 – Happy Birthday, mintCast!

    First up in the news: mintCast has a birthday, Mint 21.3 is named, Amazon works on a Linux fork for their devices, Ubuntu commits to Netplan, Firefox attempts Wayland, FreeBSD 14 is out, Endeavour releases Galileo, Vivaldi comes to Flathub, Google kills magazine content, OpenMandriva releases Rock 5.0, Pipewire reaches 1.0.0

    In security and privacy: Google Chrome’s Privacy Washing

    Then in our Wanderings: Bill may just be losing his mind, (there are doubts?), Joe prints everything but money, Majid does VR, Moss hangs on, and Eric spends more quality time with his Linux tablet.


  • 375 – Linux! I Choose You!

    First up in the news, a German state chooses Linux, Slackware is closer to release, Cinnamon has an update, and more
    In security, more ransomware for Linux, EU wants more cyber security, and apt is now safer to use
    Then in our Wanderings, Joe has bluetooth problems, Norbert goes mad scientist, Josh does a flip, and Tony has some sad news

  • 366.5 – Protect Your Bits

    In our Innards section we talk OpenVPN, Wireguard and staying safe online
    And finally, the feedback and a couple community choices

  • mintCast 292 – Mint and podcast news

    292] Download Bi-weekly Wanderings: Isaac’s been trying to help out more with Linux Mint development. Rob’s been a world traveler. News: Linux Mint 19.1 codenamed ‘Tessa’ Linux Mint news for […]

  • mintCast 292 (MP3) – Mint and podcast news

    292] Download http://archive.org/download/mintcast292/mintcast292.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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