mintCast 292 – Mint and podcast news



Bi-weekly Wanderings:

  • Isaac’s been trying to help out more with Linux Mint development.
  • Rob’s been a world traveler.


Linux Innards:

  • Rob and Isaac talk about ending their time doing the podcast and ask who would like to take over.

Vibrations from the Ether:

  • Contribute to Linux Mint!

Check this out!:

  • Rob
    • Altered Carbon
  • Isaac
    • Go to your local comic book store!

Pre-Show Music:

Podcast Announcements:

  • Send us your bumper or intro or outro music.

More Information:

Hosts: Rob and Isaac
Live Stream every other Sunday 2:00 p.m.(Central):

Contact Us:

More Linux Mint info: website, blog, forums, community


Podcast Entry and exit music provided by Mark Blasco ( Podcast bumpers provided by Oscar.

3 Replies to “mintCast 292 – Mint and podcast news”


    Here’s a thought: don’t be a dick. I’m a person who will fire someone who contributes the most to a project if they’re detracting everyone else’s ability to be comfortable because the team is first, and no one gets special treatment for any reason when it comes to being a dick or not being a dick. Either respect others or you’re going out on your ear.

    I was in the military, too. The military is quite dysfunctional in how it operates in many aspects. You also can’t get fired for being a dick which means you have to put up with it anyway.

  2. Noir

    Here’s a thought. Mute your mic when you are about to make loud sounds not related to the cast. Especially when disgusting… thank you.
    Another thought… opensource is about merit more than any other place. It’s not one company or one team. I don’t care if you are a nazi, a criminal or a feminist. Nobody should even know those details about you, if you submit good code.

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