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  • Episode 80: The Return of Charles

    News & Personal Updates 0:18:10 Steve Jobs resigns as Apple’s CEO 0:24:09 Chrome/Chromium gets pulse audio support in linux. 0:24:55 Power Regressions worse than Kernel 3.0 in […]

  • Episode 79: The Shellz

    News & Personal Updates 0:06:02 Linux Mint 11 LXDE is released 0:06:31 Linux Mint 11 LXDE comes with a new Software Manager and Desktop Settings Tool. 0:08:06 LMDE […]

  • Episode 78: For When You Need Backups

    News & Personal Updates 0:04:56 Does Using Windows Make you Dislike Windows? 0:12:03 Debian wins as best distro of 2011. LMDE not far behind then? 0:14:37 From the Linux […]

  • Episode 77: The Linux File System

    News & Personal Updates 0:09:26 Clem gave a quick interview to the blog “My Linux Rig” where he details his desktop setup.  Although it is short, it gives nice insight […]

  • Episode 76: Compiling Software on Debian Based Systems

    News & Personal Updates 0:08:32 SUSE extends Linux agreement with Microsoft for four more years. 0:12:18 Oracle purchases Ksplice. 0:24:34 The Humble Indie Bundle 3 is now […]

  • Episode 75: Is Linux Mint Unique?

    News & Personal Updates 0:12:02 Suse and Xamarin enter into a partnership to support mono 0:17:42 IBM donates Lotus Symphony code to OpenOffice. 0:22:23 Google is closing […]

  • Episode 74: Linux and Audio

    News & Personal Updates 0:08:18 Clem has posted some information about upcoming releases on the blog. 0:14:04 Linux Mint signs partnership with AYKsolutions. 0:19:07 Sneak Preview of Gnome […]

  • Episode 73: Desktoping in the Future

    News & Personal Updates 0:04:40 The Mint Team Introduces Update Packs in Linux Mint Debian 0:23:43Apple’s bid for a preliminary injunction against Amazon has been denied 0:26:30Toyota joins […]

  • Episode 72: Getting Things Done in Linux Mint!

    News & Personal Updates 0:06:30 Linux Mint 11 LXDE RC is now available for download. 0:07:47 Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols of ZDNet names Linux Mint the best of his 5 […]

  • Episode 71: News With a Side of GIT

    News & Personal Updates 0:09:45 mintCast has been named one of the top three Linux podcast in Linux Format’s most recent issue. Linux Format  0:13:15 For the second year in […]

  • Episode 70: Package Management

    News & Personal Updates 0:05:54 Tom Bradley of PC World, an avowed Windows user, spends 30 days with Ubuntu. 0:11:33 The schedule for LinuxCon has been unveiled, including the 20th […]

  • Episode 69: Surprise Visit from Jonathan Nadeau

    News & Personal Updates Skype response to reverse-engineering effort. LibreOffice 3.4.0 released & More on the “Oracle gives OOO to Apache foundation Google […]

  • Episode 68: The Cast and Mr. Larry Bushey

    News & Personal Updates Oracle gives OpenOffice to Apache Oracle proposals may open Java Community process The Linux Kernel hits 3.0 The Skype protocol has […]

  • Episode 67: Linux Mint 11, The Mintiest!

    News & Personal Updates 0:7:58 Linus Talks Of Linux 2.8 Or Linux 3.0; Ending Linux 2.6 0:12:09 Fedora 15 is released 0:13:37 Unity Coming to […]

  • Episode 66: The Community and Your Contributions

    News & Personal Updates Miguel de Icaza has created a mono based startup Yahoo! wins verdict in Bedrock patent trial Microsoft to support CentOS in hyper-v Survey: […]

  • Episode 65: Network Attached Storage (NAS)

    News & Personal Updates 0:4:11 Linux Mint 11 RC is released 0:10:05 Microsoft is purchasing Skype for $8.5 BILLION! 0:16:15 Several high ranking employees have left Canonical […]

  • Episode 64: Who Programs? Rob Does!

    News & Personal Updates 0:6:10 Linux Mint 11 Preview 0:11:35 Linus’s interview with LinuxFR 0:15:21 Some of you may have experienced issues with the Linux Mint repositories on […]

  • Episode 63: Unity and Gnome shell. Part 2

    News & Personal Updates 0:00:42 Two stories from the Linux Mint Blog:  Linux Mint signs a partnership with HelloTux and Linux Mint 5 LTS Elyssa reaches end of life […]

  • Episode 62: Mint XFCE

    News & Personal Updates 0:03:14 Oracle abandons OpenOffice 0:0:7:57 The first beta candidate for Fedora 15 is now available 0:13:23 Dropbox Controversy. Original Blog Post […]

  • Episode 61: How We Make Mintcast

    News & Personal Updates 0:01:20 Firefox dev channel is now available to get bleeding edge firefox builds that are more stable than the nightlies. 0:04:30 The people who […]

  • Episode 60: Gareth McCumskey Interview

    News & Personal Updates 0:00:45 Expect Better Collaboration Between Linux Mint And Lancelot 0:05:29 Linux Mint Xfce Released 0:07:25 Linux Mint 8 Helena reaches end of life. […]

  • Episode 59: LXDE with Kendall Weaver

    News & Personal Updates 0:01:11 The Canterbury Project turns 1! 0:10:30KDE 4.6.1 write up. 0:16:26 What if BAD things happen to linux. 0:30:41 Ubuntu 11.04 Natty […]

  • Episode 58: Hosts favorite apps & user feedback

    News & Personal Updates The Linux Mint team is proud to announce the release candidate of Linux Mint Xfce. Bruce Byfield has a blog post titled “Will Gnome 3.0 […]

  • Episode 57: Justin’s IRC

    News & Personal Updates 0:02:17 Linux Mint 10 LXDE has been released 0:02:53 Ubuntu and Gnome are in an ongoing dispute. 0:07:39 NASA gets behind the OpenSource model! […]

  • Episode 56: Linux Mint 10 KDE: The Desktop That Does it All

    News & personal updates 0:00:36 Linux Mint has acquired the copyright to a couple of potential new logo designs. 0:01:47 The OpenSuse team released version 11.4 of their Linux […]

  • Episode 55: LibreOffice and A New How-To

    News & personal updates Did the Banshee team and Canonical finally resolve their differences? Linux Mint is conducting a user poll. Stephen Vaughan-Nichols blogged about his favorite Linux desktop, and I […]

  • Episode 54: Jamie Interview

    News & personal updates Mint KDE 10 has just dropped and LXDE is on the way! More Mint 11 Katya Updates, EUKHost is now hosting Linux […]

  • Ep. 54 will be delayed a week

    Sorry for the wait but things happened in such a way that episode 54 will be delayed this week and it should be out on Feb. 27, 2011. The mintCast […]

  • Episode 53: News

    Main Topic: News Here is the news for this week: Two big stories were published on the LinuxMint blog this week.  The first is the announcement that Mint 10 KDE […]

  • Episode 52: FluxBox

    News & personal updates Neil McGovern of the Debian team has announced that Debian 6 was for released on February 5th. During the two years that Debian ‘Squeeze’ was under […]

  • Episode 51: Linux Gaming Review

    51] Download Harrison and James review some of their favorite Linux games while we transition to the new hosts, in this episode of mintCast. (This is the first episode of […]

  • Episode 50: Interview with Clem Lefebvre

    50] Download Charles and Rothgar’s final episode is the long-awaited interview with Clement Lefebvre, creator and maintainer of Linux Mint. News & personal updates 0:01:23 This is the last episode […]

  • Episode 49: Listener Feedback

    News & personal updates 0:00:55 Charles is leaving mintCast 0:01:25 Rothgar is leaving mintCast 0:04:54 Google group: mintcast-hosts Survey 0:10:11 Survey feedback Web site of the week 0:59:48 Adventures in […]

  • Episode 48: Recompute interview

    News & personal updates 0:01:05 New release of Linux Mint Debian Edition planned for December 0:02:23 Full Circle Magazine Recompute Interview 0:03:21 Introduction 0:03:36 Salus Massage 0:04:25 Recompute Photos: Web […]

  • Episode 47: Unity and GNOME Shell

    News & personal updates 0:01:05 Charles will have article in February Linux Journal 0:01:42 Linux Journal magazine is looking for writers Author info Author’s Guide 2011 Editorial Calendar 0:02:54 Intel […]

  • Episode 46: User Interview with HarrisonK

    News & personal updates 0:01:24 SiKing is all wet 0:02:44 Charles has to re-learn everything about how to use MS Office User Interview with HarrisonK 0:04:59 Introduction 0:38:00 AnyMeal recipe […]

  • Episode 45: Linux Mint News

    News 0:00:50 Linux Mint 10 Julia release candidate available 0:08:25 Linux Mint Debian Edition 0:11:48 Poll: How Would You Change mintCast? Web site of the week 0:12:47 The Linux Documentation […]

  • Episode 44: Ubuntu 10.10

    0:00:00 – Intro and updates SiKing is buying a house Rothgar testing XenDesktop NHL season has started News 0:09:55 Verizon Wireless bashing 0:14:22 Gloria (Mint 7) EOL – 0:18:10 […]

  • How Would You Change mintCast?

    We have had a great 43 podcasts so far and we need your help to decide what it is you want to hear in the podcast. Please vote on the […]

  • Episode 43: Cron

    This week Rothgar and SiKing discuss how Cron works and what you might use it for day to day. We also touch on anacron and at commands.

  • Episode 42: Peppermint OS Interview

    0:00:52 Interview with Kendall Weaver about Peppermint OS 0:43:00 Origins of Peppermint 0:54:48 Get Peppermint OS 0:55:13 Follow Peppermint OS 0:55:38 Peppermint sponsored by Web site […]

  • Installing Arch Linux, part 4: Configure the Base System

    – by Charles Olsen At this point I’ve completed the base install of Arch Linux. Now it’s time to configure and update the system. The package manager in Arch is […]

  • Installing Arch Linux, part 3: Make It So

    – by Charles Olsen As with any other distro, the first step to installing Arch is to download the ISO for the specific version you want. It’s available in 32-bit […]

  • Installing Arch Linux, part 2: What I Want

    As I prepare to install Arch Linux, it’s important for me to know what I want out of the system. My system will be “finished,” ready to use, when it […]

  • Installing Arch Linux, part 1: What Do You Want?

    In mintCast episode 41, I mentioned that I want to try installing other Linux distros, especially Arch Linux. This is not due to any dissatisfaction with Linux Mint. For anyone […]

  • Episode 41: IRC

    News & personal updates 0:01:20 Rothgar has moved to new house 0:07:11 Charles has new Android phone 0:22:38 Charles’ happy place – surrounded by Linux Salus Massage 0:24:27 […]

  • Episode 40: Klaatu interview pt 2

    News & personal updates 0:01:35 Linux Mint 9 KDE RC released 0:01:52 mintCast has a forum on the Linux Mint web site 0:08:50 Klaatu talks about SELF 0:19:28 Zenoss was […]

  • Minicast 39: Technical Difficulties

    Problems with Talkshoe prevented us from recording mintCast this week. Media from Klaatu’s Linux Multimedia Sprint are now available Announcement Torrent mintCast now has a forum More info Hosts: Charles, […]

  • Episode 38: Partitioning

    The Linux Multimedia Sprint has been released! Announcement Torrent News & personal updates 0:00:51 SiKing visited Canada 0:01:35 Google ditches Windows? 0:03:43 Google’s Chrome Computing System To Debut in Autumn […]

  • Episode 37: Webcams

    00:00:52 News & personal updates ROTHGAR MythTV 0.23 was released (and installed) Looking at virtual solutions at work Using Diigo to bookmark sites with annotations Hoping to buy and move […]

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