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Welcome to mintCast, the podcast by the Linux Mint community for all users of Linux.

In this episode:

Introduction to the podcast

SCO loses again

Linux Mint 6 RC 1 available

Installing software in Linux — it’s easier than installing in Windows

Setting up Samba

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22 Replies to “mintCast Episode 1”

  1. jungar

    Nice work guys, I think it would be a nice idea if the podcast could have a permanent “sticky” or link on the main site. so that anyone, new and old, could easily check it out and download all the mintcasts.

  2. BobW

    Thanks Charles! This is an excellent start for the podcast! I enjoyed hearing about your path to Linux, Ubuntu, and finally Mint.

    I would like to encourage you to explain details of podcasting in a future edition. How do you blend in music? Where do you get/produce the musical interludes? What software packages do you use? Audacity? Others? This is very nice. I have admired this method, but haven’t been too confident about where/how to start. Any help you might offer would be appreciated. If successful, I would like to use it to supplement courses I teach.

    Thanks again. I look forward to the next editions!

  3. Jay

    I’m quite new to linux mint although have been dabbling in linux for a while (main OS for the past 4 years has OS X). Almost ready to switch to linux mint as my main OS. Anyways, just wondering if there is any way to add mintcast to rhythmbox as a podcast (podcast feed).

    Cheers from NZ.

  4. Linda

    Hi Charles, really enjoyed the podcast! I’m another recent Linux convert; it was nice to hear your story. I have to say I love LinuxMint – and it is as easy to use as you made it sound. 🙂 Most of the learning curve for me has been figuring out what the Linux equivalents are for the software I’m used to using.

    Any chance you might do an episode on building software? There have been a couple of things where I’ve wanted the latest version and had trouble building it. Is there an easy way to download all the dependencies for a package?

  5. Adam Hainstock

    Well, I personally used MS Win for 3 years, switched to Ubuntu, LM4,5, Ubuntu, then Debian Lenny Beta, and I was MS free to 6 months? But even still, it doesn’t hurt to have multiple OS’s, MS isn’t better then Linux isn’t better than Mac isn’t better than MS etc. It’s all preference, and all OS’s have their own suitable use. I personally boot Mint 6 (soon) and Windows XP, or 2kPro depending on my mood. (can’t give up Civ4). Besides, unless you really need a small app, WINE can be a pain in the butt, so really, it doesn’t hurt to have another OS when it only uses ~4Gb of a hard drive.

    Just my two cents though, sorry for the speal haha.

  6. Micah


    Thank you for producing a great podcast; I look forward to many more. I am still new to Linux and have been experimenting with many distros. I have found Mint to be the most intuitive for the newbie and am almost ready to give up the dual boot — just have to get past the printer issue. When you referenced your own printer “benchmark” I was able to relate to your Linux conversion.

    I have a great deal to learn and am grateful that there is community support via blogs and podcasts.

  7. Letconex

    I would have thought that the podcast would be in a non proprietary format. I find myself wondering why isn’t there at least an option to download in ogg. Just mp3 and Flash? Hmmm…
    How can we escape the proprietary format trap if we continue to use these formats even if we have other free choices? Just a rhetorical question…
    Anyway, ogg may be embedded to play as a stream in a browser, just check the Wikipedia online audio samples…
    Anyway, the initiative is good, congratulations…

  8. wierdo124

    It was alright, one thing is i stopped listening because frankly i was tired of the Vista bashing. I don’t mind how Linux is better than Vista, but you shouldn’t blatantly talk about how bad Vista is. I run it and Mint in a dual boot, and i’m happy with Vista and i’m happy with Linux Mint.

    Nice first episode though, just take that into consideration next time, along with more formats.

    Thanks! 🙂

  9. Lewdsquirrel

    Good job guys!!!

    I can’t wait for Mint 6. I’m a Windows Network administrator and I gave a try to Linux with Mint 5 and I really love it. Had to fight a little bit with my video adapter to make it work properly though. This is now my main system at home.

    If you would allow me 2 comments about the podcast:
    – The sound level is pretty low.
    – Pleaaaaaaaaseeeee, change the opening soundtrack…

    Thanks again.


  10. Goz

    Very nice program.
    As a Linux user for four years this Dec. I really appreciate you addressing the download fud so many people mumble about.

  11. Linda

    Thanks, Charles…I should probably post this question in the forum as well. f-spot and dvd-slideshow are two that I can think of right off. I was able to build dvd-slideshow with some effort, but I gave up on f-spot. At this point I’m hoping the latest version will be available for LM6 Felicia – haven’t tried that yet.

  12. five

    I am not able to download the first podcast – it seems that the archive for podcast 1 takes you to podcast 2.
    Anyone else having this problem?

  13. Andy

    The link for the first podcast is wrong. To get the first podcast copy the link from the first one and change mintCast002.mp3 to mintCast001.mp3.

  14. chris

    Love the podcast! I have been a Linux user for about 5 years and run a Cent0S server and Ubuntu desktop(currently). I distro hop often and really like Mint and would recommend it for new Linux users. I did however find that for some reason it would stall out on some things(hardware related maybe?) Loved episode 4 and thanks for the info on writers tools(been getting into some writing myself) Keep up the great work and look forward to future episodes please don’t burn out!
    BTW: any chance you might get a server not using asp?

  15. chris

    Vista sucks and Microsoft (and everyone else) knows it which is why they extended support for XP. Windows 7 will (maybe) be their redeemer. You guys should make a side show called “Vista Sucks #$%@!”

  16. SiKing

    Just discovered the podcast – I am only up to ep.5. Most excellent show! I would consider myself intermediate-average Linux user, and I think every show so far I have learned something new. Keep doing whatever it is you are doing now, don’t worry about the kiddies hassling you about art and the theme music, and I will definitely come back.

  17. tim

    Y’all are doing a bangup job. I don’t know any nerds that play with Linux IRL except me. I had no idea they exist. I will see if I can find some money in the couch to donate.

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