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In our Innards section, we cover Gnome 40 and try to keep it RMS-free

And finally, the feedback and a couple suggestions


Gnome 40 

  • Leo
    • Did it all on a laptop.
    • Multi-touch is amazing.
      • Three-finger swipe up is Activities Overview
      • Another three-finger swipe up is App Grid
      • Three-finger swipe left moves to workspace 2. To the right is opposite.
      • X doesn’t seem compatible with three-finger anything
      • Horizontal workspaces are how my brain works. Unfortunate for those that prefer vertical. Surely there’ll be an extension eventually.
      • Speaking of extensions, it requires a flathub app, that, on Fedora, needs Flathub enabled first.
      • Tweaks is a separate app that is acquired from the repos.
      • The fact that you need to get both to be in control of your desktop, and those tools live in two separate, unrelated places is very annoying.
  • Joe
    • Well I guess it depends a lot on the setup.  I disliked it just as a bare install adding it to Endeavour but when I used Garuda Gnome and used the manjaro alpha update to gnome 40 it worked a lot better
    • The hot corner is very useful with a mouse but doesn’t go off for a touchscreen
    • The dual view of all the applications and workspaces works well for me and it allows me to use the different workspaces much more effectively 
    • It does look and work very smooth on Garuda but it is definitely not raw gnome 40, much theming was involved and I didnt have to do it myself
    • Such as in the bare version I noticed that the right click was not set.  But in Garuda it gave access to the background
    • I do like the way Gnome handles the super key showing all the running applications and allowing you to search all the installed applications and the repos that you use for things that are not installed which is nice since the hot corner doesn’t work with touch and the tablet has a dedicated super key button.
    • But all in all I have to say not that much different from what I have seen of gnome in the past.  It is not a massive leap forward or change
  • Mike 
    • Horrible if you use a mouse frequently. It is so annoying that windows hidden behind another window can’t be found easily.
  • TonyH
    • Last night I did a fresh install of EndeavorOS so I could get GNOME DE out of the box and with it I thought I would get GNOME 40 but alas not, still 3.38.4, so I will not be able to say much about it. But as far as I know it has not changed very much and as I don’t feel the need to spend 1-2 hours getting it half way usable for me I don’t see the point when I can use MATE.
  • Moss
    • It’s too new to get on any distro I would actually use. I will probably hate it anyhow. When Pop!_OS updates I’ll see what they did with it. It is amazing how tolerable Gnome 3.38 is on Pop! when I can’t stand it anywhere else. (Dale Miracle will verify that, on his brand new System76 Pangolin.)
  • Josh
    • Best Gnome release yet. I am not a Gnome fanboy by any means but this has been really nice overall.😎
    • First things first WORKING TOUCHPAD GESTURES! This has been the most amazing part of Gnome 40. No need to configure you just can use 3 fingers to navigate your desktop. I really like this feature because it reminds me of macOS, in that workflow is really nice with a touchpad. The only downside to this is it only works in Wayland and gaming does not work in Wayland so if you’re a gamer the biggest new feature of Gnome 40 is mute. 
    • Wayland is so much smoother than by far I cannot wait till Wayland is fully integrated in all Linux desktops. As I mentioned before gaming does not work with Wayland so if you’re a gamer Wayland is not yet ready.
    • One gripe other than the gaming thing is if your touchpad is really sensitive it can be hard to navigate things.
    • To Mike’s point about windows being hidden while using a mouse, that is what the hot corner is for. The hot corner acts like hitting the super key or doing the 3 finger swipe.
    • I really did not hit any bugs so that’s a good thing 👍


  • Len
  • Hank Barta
  • Matthew
  • Brad
  • Londoner


  • Dave

My Webster’s New World Dictionary, copyright 1959, shows the pronunciation of daemon to be dēmon (with a long e).




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