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In our Innards section, we’re making good on the promise to include more community.

And finally, our listener feedback

Linux Innards: 

Community Interview: Scott

When was the first time you ever saw or noticed Linux? 

  • Started looking back in 2015, but never had the guts to do it! I believe I got intrigued with Linux when I started watching Mr. Robot. Fantastic Show!

That calls for the old question: ASL?

  • Massachusetts (Boston area)

Did you use it yourself at that time, or just see someone else using it?

  • I did a lot of research and looked at a lot of the Top 5, Top 10 Distros Around 2016. I never saw it used, just a lot of reading online. A friend of mine said they used Ubuntu a long time ago

Do you remember the distribution? 

  • Ubuntu, Kali, Arch, Fedora, Linux Mint were some of the ones I read about.

What was your very first Linux distro?

  • I installed Mint as a dual boot with WIndows. The main driver for installing was when I had to Upgrade Win 7 to WIn 10 and it took like 3-4 hours to complete. That was the last straw.
  • I have only used Mint as a daily driver for my home laptop. I have a few Pi’s at the house with Raspbian. I have done a camera system with one, a headless Minecraft server for the kids…. Lots of steps to install that, but it worked like a charm

What’s a typical workflow for you entail?

  • If you are talking about how I maintain the system, I typically use the terminal, because it’s cool 🙂
  • Sudo apt-get update. Then upgrade, then autoclean, then autoremove  <try sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade – Moss>

Does Linux do everything you need in a system?

  • It does. I mainly surf the web, have played old classics like Baldur’s Gate on my PC and got Ultima I, II, III working in WINE, brings me back to the old days of my Apple IIe (I have played that in the old days as well ICEWind day. My Wife and I would sit at the PC together playing BGII
  • Gaming, I don’t do much anymore except browser ones, mostly strategy like Ogame, just to kill time.
  • I use LibreOffice, not hard to use compared to Office, does what I need.
  • Use a VPN, still using PIA 

Do you contribute at all?

  • For bugs, no, never really ran into one that was not hardware related, but able to work through it.
  • I have lurked on the Forums and done some posts to help but mostly ask questions
  • Once a year typically donate to LinuxMint
  • I have converted some friends to using Mint, my in-laws use it on both of their desktops. Mother-in-law complained the all-in-one HP she had was slow, 15+ min to boot. Now It boots in 45 sec and the touch screen works with Mint.
  • Have about 6 machines at home with Mint on them.

Is there any piece of open source software, other than a browser, you could not live without?

  • Typically, I will adapt to something I need, example, I used to use Canon DPP, Darkroom works good enough
  • I do miss having my Stock trading software I used to use, but i can deal with a web browser now, no issues

Closing thoughts for the audience, just for the folks that are sick and tired of Windows and want something faster and more secure.

  • If you surf the web, pay bills online, use social media Linux is for you.
  • The cardinal rule I live by now, Don’t spend money on a new machine, take that old machine, buy an SSD for 20 bucks, and install Mint… you will have a brand new PC! If you don’t have a machine, and get one from a friend that doesn’t need it, or buy a used one, you can have a great machine that is stable for your day to day needs.

Vibrations from the Ether



Scott T.

Basically is the official site and one individual is keeping going,

confusing users. A link to the mailing list that discusses it is here:

John Wallis

Henrik Hemrin


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Before we leave, we want to make sure to acknowledge some of the people who make mintCast possible … 

  • Hobstar for his work on the new logo
  • Josh for all his work on the website
  • Hacker Public Radio for the Mumble server we are using to record
  • Bytemark Hosting for hosting and our Mumble server
  • for hosting our audio files
  • The Linux Mint development team for the fine distro we love to talk about.

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