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First up, in our Wanderings, Leo finally gets upgraded to kernel 5.3, Tony Hughes tries out Ubuntu 19.10, Moss fights with Ubuntu Mate 19.10, Joe picks up an HP tablet to fix, and Tony Watts has a new guitar.

Then, our news Firefox, MX, Tails and Fedora all have new releases, and we cover the Linux Mint Monthly News. 

In the security section, we talk two bugs, one with Ubuntu and one on Firefox.


  • Leo
    • Testing out kernel 5.3 on my desktop and laptop. Been on it about 5 days now.
      • It may have cleared up the freezing issue I was seeing that I think was caused by power states on my CPU. Time will tell here. It was fairly random and could take days to show up.
      • On my laptop, I haven’t seen a huge change, but seems stable.
  • Tony H
    •  Attending 2 family funerals which was the reason for my absence on the last episode, sadly I’m at that time when I see family at more funerals than weddings.
    • Buying and ‘playing’ with old diecast models, I’ve developed a liking for watching youtube videos of people restoring them. One of the Guys I watch is Marty from Australia who does Marty’s Matchbox Makeovers  I sent him a couple of cars to have a go at a while back.
    • Recorded the latest Distrohoppers Digest, and have now installed Ubuntu 19.10 Gnome on the test laptop for next months show. (We are recording the first week in December) 
  • Moss
    • I just added Bodhi to the Galago Pro 2, bringing it to 5 distros. I think I’ll leave it at 5, and I have been looking up what I did to fix the little paper cuts I had when installing Bodhi on the T430. I also saw a nice review of Bodhi by Jason M in the new issue of Full Circle Magazine.
    • I reported a bug in Ubuntu MATE 19.10. I literally had to get Alan Pope to get me to the right page to file it. (And doesn’t that say a lot of good things about the Linux community!) My desktop completely loaded sometimes, but most times it forgot to load the taskbar. And one day it loaded correctly, but after a while it went into Suspend mode, and when I entered my password to log back in, it opened without the taskbar. It’s not a lot of fun opening a terminal via right-clicking the desktop and running the program from terminal.
    • We recorded Episode 7 of Distrohoppers’ Digest on October 30th. We’re getting pretty good download numbers. Episode 4 has exceeded 450 downloads, two others have exceeded 350, and only Episode 2 has not yet reached 300, still sitting at 291. Tony Hughes got back from his trip to Glasgow. We reviewed OpenMandriva Lx 4 and MX Linux 19 (beta2 and final release). Go and have a listen, you’ll enjoy it.
    • Also, my wife and I both have been having issues where PIA locks us out of a website we’re trying to load, and we have to change nodes. This has been going on for all of the 2 months we’ve had the service. We have decided to go back to Mullvad, which is still a bit cheaper on month-to-month billing, when the current month runs out sometime today as we record this.
    • Now that Distrohoppers’ Digest is out of the way for this month, I attempted to install Manjaro on the Kudu 3, and ran into the same problem as before; it will download updates or programs I want to install, and stop. I have to log out and back in and run the installer again, and installs what got downloaded. So I have dumped Manjaro for this month and installed Zorin OS Core 15 on the Kudu 3. I’ll keep the results to myself (unless you’re in our chat or Terminal), but it should do for next month.
    • Which means I have an IdeaPad to get ready for sale. I haven’t done much more than download Windoze 10 and the installer program, haven’t even tried burning the iso yet, but it’s on the list.
    • We have a new kitten. We rescued it from being feral just outside our trailer. Then the trouble started. He climbed up inside our dashboard, unbeknownst to us, and we thought he had gotten out of the car without our knowledge. So after a lot of emotions being displayed, I got back into the car and started driving back to the last place we went to, and heard him mewing inside the dash. Our two nearest neighbors came to help me tear the dashboard apart. No luck. He spent the night in the car, with an open can of cat food. When I got up in the morning, he was still in the dash. I drove to the fire department, but nobody was there when I got there, including police or anyone else. I got back in the car… and there he was on the floor, looking at me like, “What is all the fuss about?” So he’s home now. Tiny little thing. Black, with white paws, blue eyes and a white bib. We have named him Gremlin. He is as cute as can be and instantly bonded to us.
  • Joe
    • Fixed my downstairs toilet.  Replaced some of the internals and readjusted the float so it doesn’t run all the time.
      • It is a bit more broken so I will be replacing more parts.  Or the whole damn thing
    • Picked up an HP Pavilion X360 with an i3 7th gen for 50 bucks on FB.  
      • Not in very good condition because it has been dropped.  
      • It had a bad hard drive but I was able to replace that.  
      • Also has a bad keyboard where only some of the keys work.
        • Tried readjusting the ribbon cable but no luck
        • A replacement costs about 20 bucks.  Ordered but it will take some time to arrive
      • The digitizer is also broken so no touch screen but the monitor itself is still useable
        • Replacement digitizer cost $130-150
        • Have watched the videos on youtube on how to replace
        • Looks difficult
        • For people that dont know the digitizer is the glass that sits in front of the monitor used for touch screens.  Including phones and tablets
    • Going through the Larry Correia collection again.
    • Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones
      • Not my favorite series but it was ok
      • Seems very cookie cutter meaning not much originality of its own.  Mostly it feels like the author just took her favorite parts of other book series and put them together.  But it hasn’t stopped me from reading it.
    • More Python classes with friends. went over boolean, if statements and while loops today.  Probably gonna go over for loops next time.
    • Got the MMCX connectors but I am not sure about the tension relief on them so I have not done anything with them yet.  May order a couple more cable versions of the connectors and not do the retractables just yet, 
    • Attempted to purchase a set of 14 LG headsets of different types on auction.  Prices looked good and thought I was going to get a deal until the last day and the bidding went higher than I wanted.
    • Still a fan of how easy the Turtle Beach Earforce Z2’s and X50’s are to work on.  Also the Z2’s are great for podcasting but terrible for music listening without a very good equalizer.  The X50’s sound much more crisp but are terrible for long-term wear and distort at higher volumes. Thinking about trying out a headphone amp on the Z2’s and see if that helps.  Also looking to see some of the mods that are floating around that might help with the sound quality. I am open to suggestions
    • I guess that came about because I did bust out the Sennheiser Urbanite XL’s, which, while comfortable and get reasonably good sound, have very small earcups and very poorly placed touch controls.
  • Tony W
    • The Tascam Model 24 acquired!
      • Will not Multi function
        • Audio interface to DAW, 22 simultaneous channels
        • Can also record directly to SD card
        • Can use as live sound board
      • Using with Reaper recording software
        • Proprietary but does work on Linux
      • New guitar – PRS SE Angelus A40E



  • Ubuntu 19.10 bug Shares Your Media Folders Without Permission
    • Users of non-Gnome versions of Ubuntu 19.10 are getting hit with automatically shared home folder bits (Photos, Videos, Music). On those flavors, the rygel media server is starting automatically.
    • The quick band-aid is running ‘sudo apt remove rygel’
  • Firefox fixes security bug in Master Password
    • This is an issue in Firefox 68.0.2 that allows an attacker to see your passwords without using the master password. This should already be fixed in your current version of Firefox as long as you’ve updated, but may affect you on the ESR. However, the fix is still the same. Update!
  • And here


Before we leave, we want to make sure to acknowledge some of the people who make mintCast possible …

  • Josh Lowe for all his work on the website and the livestream (We’ve had over 60 listeners today on the backup mixer platform and brought on some new listeners who’ve never heard of the podcast)
  • Bytemark Hosting for hosting and our Mumble server
  • for hosting our audio files
  • The Linux Mint development team for the fine distro we love to talk about <Thanks, Clem!>

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