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Main Topic: Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela – MATE and Cinnamon



  • How to benchmark your GPU on Linux:
  • Linux is not famous for its gaming abilities and possibilities, and it is only natural that there aren’t many GPU benchmarking tools available with which users can test their graphics hardware. There are however some benchmarking suites that can help you determine the various aspects of your GPU performance with precision. (

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  1. Will

    I keep hearing about snappy packages, but I haven’t looked into them much so far. I wonder why they would choose to make each package encapsulate all of its dependencies rather than just making packages depend on specific version numbers of dependencies and allowing different versions of packages to be installed at once. So if two programs needed different versions of gtk or libusb or whatever they could use them, but, if they didn’t, it would not be necessary to download and install the same dependencies over and over. By the way, I think your specific example of openssl was an interesting test case. openssl releases only one branch that includes all bugfixes and new features (there is no LTS branch with only bug and security fixes), so you basically always want all of your programs to use the same newest version of openssl for security reasons.

    I see conflicting explanations of the pricing for computers with Windows and Linux preinstalled. Sometimes I see people saying it is cheaper to ship a computer with Linux because there is no Windows license fee for the OEM to pay. Other times, I see people say that it is cheaper to ship a computer with Windows because the OEM gets kickbacks from all of the bloatware they preinstall on the machine (things like Lenovo and Superfish). Maybe it depends on what bloatware is installed.

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