mintCast 223 – Ubuntu & Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Vivid Vervet

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Main Topic: Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Vivid Vervet


This document compares Upstart and systemd with a view to aiding in the transition to the latter.


  • You can “fix” the menus in Vivid Vervet.

If you don’t like the global (or local) menus in Ubuntu 15.04, you can go to System Settings > Appearance > Behavior and choose the desired location of menus from ‘Show the menus for a window’ option. You can also install dconf-editor to tweak a number of Unity settings, including the auto-hide of menus.

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4 Replies to “mintCast 223 – Ubuntu & Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Vivid Vervet”

  1. icarter1391

    Just wanted to say to anyone that is playing with Ubuntu 15.04, be aware that they have upgraded the kernel quite a bit. So any issues you may be having with drivers or graphics cards could probably be related to the kernel upgrade. When I upgraded my kernel to 3.16 on Mint 17.1, I had issues with my wireless card not being picked up. The fix lied in the fact that my wireless card had been blacklisted and once removed from the blacklist, it worked just fine. So if you are having any issues with previous working hardware that is no longer working when you upgraded to Ubuntu 15.04, make sure to check the blacklisting first, which might save you a tone of time. If you aren’t for sure what I’m talking about, then just google “linux kernel blacklisting” and you should get plenty of info on the subject matter. Thanks again to the guys for another great podcast.

  2. Realistic Mint User

    Sorry but Joe is clueless about MSFT, almost _everything_ that has been happening was in play long before Satya. MSFT in danger of becoming irrelevant? Really? Wolfram Alpha “Microsoft vs Red Hat revenue” and tell me how a 94B US$ company is in danger of becoming irrelevant whereas a 1.7B US$ isn’t. Seriously dude, you listen to what other people say but you need to go look at the numbers yourself. MSFT has been going up and up and up since before Satya had any influence whatsoever. Everyone hates on Ballmer but he did his job extremely well and he’s worth far more than most or all of us Linux users will ever be … combined. Anyway, it’s just frustrating to keep hearing how Satya is doing this and doing that but the fact is he hasn’t had significant impact yet. He’s a good guy and a good CEO but the MSFT ship wasn’t sinking no matter what us Linux people want to believe. Morgan Housel has a good article breaking down Ballmers numbers, this is math; not conjecture. Windows 2002: 9.4B revenue; 2012: 18.8B. Server and Tools 2002: 5.6B; 2012: 18.5B. Business 2002: 8.6B; 2012: 24.1B. Tell me again how bad Ballmer was for MSFT?

  3. swift110

    For me, I don’t think that Linux Mint mate looks old I like it for its familiarity and I hope that it stays a lean and mean desktop environment in the future. One thing that would really make me happy is to learn how to get wobbly windows working with it as thats something I miss from my Gnome 2 days.

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