mintCast 221 – MakuluLinux and the LMDE2 RC

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Main Topic: MakuluLinux Cinnamon and LMDE 2 Cinnamon RC


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    At first glance, you might not think that the latest set of OpenSSL security patches are that important. Sure, there’s a dozen of them and two are serious, but are they really that bad? Yes, actually they’re not just bad, they’re awful.

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6 Replies to “mintCast 221 – MakuluLinux and the LMDE2 RC”

  1. Linux User

    Regarding the sudoers file, see This askubuntu page describes how to use the sudoers file to allow a user to issue `sudo ` for specific commands without requiring a password. You could do this to deal with the screen dimming issue.

    That askubutu page also describes how to use pkexec with visudo to edit the sudoers file when you’ve screwed it up and locked yourself out of being able to sudo. Also, on systems with a normal root account, you should be able to `su` to root even if you can’t `sudo`.

  2. doubledodge

    I am glad the article “Linux User” referenced stresses again and again you really MUST use visudo to mess with any of the sudoers files. I didnt the first time I tried editing one, got locked out and now I always use visudo! Dont be scared if you are not a VI user, generally in Mint you will be bounced into a nemo editiing session and you will be prevented from saving your changes until they pass all the syntac checks – perfect!

  3. icarter1391

    This whole “Code of Conduct” thing is ridiculous. This isn’t your kid’s github account we are talking about folks. If people are trying to push bad code up to the kernel, then they need to be told about it. Have any of these folks even worked on a serious project before? Sometimes feelings get hurt during a code review because everyone gets so freaking personal about their code. It’s not your code, it’s everyone who is using the Linux Kernel’s code. Freaking stupid that everyone complains about Linus saying the truth. If what he says hurts your feelings that much, then go develop your own kernel. And this has nothing to go with gender, but instead everyone now days has to be told something positive and nothing negative. Sometimes the truth hurts. Can’t wait to see what all these people say when they finally push Linus out and the kernel has a hundred bugs in it and crashes.

  4. Brian36, Dorset, UK

    Hi. Good work on the podcasts, Guys.
    I thought you’d like to this: Maplin (UK’s high street electronics shop) appears to use Mint on their laptops. See their ‘vga-to-hdmi-converter’ video ad. I can’t quite work out the Mint edition.
    Joe, thanks for ‘heads-up’ on the ‘dd’ command. Worked a treat on my raspberry pi SD cards

  5. mikef90000

    Rob and all, hope that you see this late post.
    I find it hard to believe that all of you experienced users haven’t come across this easy way to get sudo working for your login.
    At least on Debian based distros, all you have to do is add the desired user to the ‘sudo’ group. DONE! No editing the sudoers file unless you want to add some more fine grained permissions, which of course require you to learn the obscure syntax of the file.
    Keep up the great work, Mike

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