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  • Linux Lands on NSA Watch List (
  • NSA: Linux Journal is an “extremist forum” and its readers get flagged for extra surveillance (
  • If you read Boing Boing, the NSA considers you a target for deep surveillance (
  • IRS policy that targeted political groups also aimed at open source projects (
  • Microsoft’s Android patent portfolio may not be as strong as they would like you to think (
  • Vivaldi / Spark tablet project announces time of death (
  • Ubuntu Touch may be our last hope for a Linux tablet (
  • Quarterly tablet PC shipments to fall for the first time ever (
  • Andy Tanenbaum is retiring, and you can attend his last lecture ( (
  • Krita reaches its fundraising goal (
  • Samsung postpones the first Tizen phone indefinitely (



  • How to create a nifty distribution based theme inside your linux terminal

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