mintCast 162: Linux Mint 15 & Texas Linux Fest

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  • Mint 15: Today’s best Linux desktop (Review) SJVN gives it the full thumbs-up. (
  • How Mighty Mint became one of the most popular Linux distros (
  • Raspberry Pi’s Raspbian Improves Its Performance (
  • How I Created My Own Personal Cloud Using BitTorrent Sync, Owncloud, and Raspberry Pi (

The Main Topic: Mint 15 First Look, and the Texas Linux Fest

Featured Website:


  • For those who want to setup their own VPN without going through all the hassle of OpenVPN, I suggest you to try NeoRouter. I don’t think it is open source, but it support a lots of distros, including Raspbian, and it is free for home users. It even has an Android client! (

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4 Replies to “mintCast 162: Linux Mint 15 & Texas Linux Fest”

  1. Corbin (@Ravetcofx)

    Hello My Fiends, I have been insanley buzy…. I like the new site and I have been well, how about you guys? I havent even had time to listen to the last 4 eppisodes O.O
    I am really pumped about Mint 15 aswell, when the full realease comes out, I will write a review for you guys
    I really enjoy Cinnamon 1.8 and used it through the nighlys all the way from 1.4
    When my schooling is done I will work on my weekly section for the podcast (assuming you still want that?)
    As you know I hate Windows, as it is slow, and buggy, and ect ect. But I Recently discovred that Macintoshes arnt all that bad compared to Windows, its faster, snapier, and more customizable, This doesnt mean I’m Switching!!! I will stay with my Mint Boxes for quite awile.
    In other news my desktop is lovely, I resently purchased a Geforce 610 and it is 3x as powerful as my old Geforce 9600 (which died), I am not a heavy gamer as I only code in java play a Bit of Minecraft/Amnseia/Super Hexagon and other Humble Indie Games.
    In even more new I got my first permenent Job at Dennys! (as a Dishboy for now) Yet Im woking up to be a cook…

    Nice to hear your Linuxy Dripping voices again! You will hear more of me after school is over.

    ~Hej Du!

    PS. Sorry for the messy Writing/grammer/Spelling, its hard to write and listen to you at the same time

  2. ibm450

    hi guys, great cast.

    currently using mint 15 and the feature i was really hoping to see fixed was the bluetooth…
    yet again this feature is useless! Im really stating to wonder and believe that this feature (bluetooth) is purposefully ignored or is actually unfix able or is not updated or fixed in any of the new kernels been released (since mint7 i must add).

    for me, this is very frustrating and a deal breaker as i rely heavily on bluetooth.

    other then afew superficial bugs that ive come across with mint 15, this release is definitely a good release and the mint team is heading into the right direction

    (aka ibm450)

  3. BostonPeng

    I love the cal and calendar tip! That is so handy! I’m surprised you didn’t include it in the show notes to help us remember what they are. I hope you guys have a great Dad’s Day!

  4. Bell 4 Life! (@FakeBibic)

    Re: Mumble versions. Want a GUI way to keep Mumble locked to the version you want? Simple! Install Synaptic Package Manager, select the package you want to lock, go up to Package on the top menu(next to file, edit) and lock your package down. Easy!

    Just remember you locked them, when you are looking forward to Mumble version x with pulse suppose you won’t see the update. Just unlock when you are ready to update.

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