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  • mintCast 250 – The Return of Arch

    250] Download News: Linux Mint 18 Xfce BETA has been released How to upgrade to Linux Mint 18 from 17.3 Two Million Passwords Breached in Ubuntu Hack The Hacking of […]

  • mintCast 231 – CUPS and Linux Printing

    231] Download News: CinnXP makes Cinnamon look like Windows XP (segfault.linuxmint.com) Chromebooks Just Outsold Windows Laptops For the First Time (omgchrome.com) (npd.com) Is there trouble brewing in Munich? (techrepublic.com) Linus […]

  • mintCast 203 – TexasLinuxFest

    203] Download News: Mint 17 KDE, Xfce RC images released, OEM images also now available for Mint 17 Cinnamon and Mate (KDE) (Xfce) (OEM) Is Canonical Considering a MATE Remix […]

  • mintCast 162: Linux Mint 15 & Texas Linux Fest

    Listen: [MP3] or [OGG] News: Mint 15: Today’s best Linux desktop (Review) SJVN gives it the full thumbs-up. (zdnet.com) How Mighty Mint became one of the most popular Linux distros […]

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